Why VIVE Wrist Sweatbands is the Best for Your Injured Wrists

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  • Pain relieving support
  • Gentle compression therapy


  • Might get loose with time
(Last Updated On: July 4, 2018)

While most of the sweatbands can be worn only like a headband, some of them can be carried like a wristband, bandanna, head tie, neck garter, and many other ways. Here, we are talking exclusively about wristbands. For anyone who is into hardcore exercises or any sports activity, this is a must-have sports accessory.

Wristbands keep the sweat away from your palms allowing you to get a strong grip on the racket, ball, or any other sports accessory. Along with wicking sweat, wristbands do provide support to joints to boost recovery.

Vive Wrist Sweatband is one of the famous names in the range of pain relieving wristbands. The sweatband provides gentle support and even compression therapy to let you heal with time.  Let’s take a quick sneak peek into this sweatband and see how it can be your partner in heavy duty exercises and sports.

Bamboo Charcoal Blend Fabric

The soft bamboo-charcoal blend  in the fabric lets your wrist stay comfortable and dry for longer hours. The fabric comes with antimicrobial fibers that reduce any chance of bacterial build up and unpleasant odor.

Soft and latex-free, the blend is a comfortable fit throughout the day and it won’t even cause irritation to your skin. Wear it for any exercise or sports, there is not going to be any sort of discomfort.

Non-slip Gentle Compression Therapy

Most of the wristbands focus on sweat-wicking, but the Vive sweatband is about a gentle support and compression therapy. If you have any previous injury or inflammation, this sweatband is the best you can have. It provides mild compression that boosts circulation and promotes warmth to soothe muscles. The sweatband also helps in healing repetitive motion injuries.

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Great for sprains, strains, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, it gives a full range of motion allowing you to perform all sorts of activities. You can use it throughout the days without having to worry about the slipping issues.

Durable Construction

The sweatband comes with a unique bamboo blend; you hardly have to worry about its durability.  It can withstand a frequent number of machine washing without any straining or staining. Even after a long-term of use, there won’t even be any case of pilling or fraying.

You get a 60-day guarantee with it, which means you can purchase it with confidence .  If you don’t like the product, there is an easy return policy with no questions asked.


No matter what’s the size of your wrist, you can always rely on this Vive Wristband. You will receive it in a pair, however the color option remains singular. Even with frequent machine washing, it will not pill out, which makes it quite durable for the price it is available.

VIVE Wrist Sweatbands Reviw
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VIVE Wrist Sweatbands Reviw
Along with wicking sweat, wristbands are meant for providing support to joints to boost recovery. Vive Wrist Sweatband is one of the famous names in the range of pain relieving wristbands
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