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Under Armour Performance Wristband









  • Very durable
  • UA Quality


  • Causes some users minor irritation after long use
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

The Under Armour Performance Wristband is designed to be used in sports and exercise. It can be used to wipe the sweat off of your face without scratching or irritating the skin. The band has a fascinating design and color selection. The UA symbol is embroidered into the fabric and ensures that you are purchasing the name brand product. The band is three inches wide and fits snug on the wrist or forearm. The bands are purchased as a pair. This provides customers with one band for each wrist.


The wristband is made to last. The band is made of 96% polyester and 4% rubber material. This combination of material provides a strong durable function and helps keep it in place. It won’t fall apart after the first use and is able to keep up with all sport and recreational activities. This type of wristband will keep its shape and not stretch out over time. It is easy to keep clean because it is machine washable. The band can be washed regularly without losing its durability. The wristband is made to last and is a recommended product by many users.


This product is soft on the skin and is comfortable to wear. It can be worn four long hours without irritating the body and causing tightness. The band fits snug but not too tight. It keeps its soft texture with each machine wash and provides adequate sweat reduction. Comfort is a necessity when wearing a wristband. The soft and cozy material is a perfect option to have available when purchasing a reliable band. Users have positive reviews and maintain the continued comfort this product provides.


It has a unique feature that eliminates perspiration from the body. The Moisture Transport System is designed to reduce sweat and help keep the body dry. When the body is wiped with the band, it continues to keep stay dry. This interesting factor is beneficial to have because of its absorption capabilities. The type of material is constructed to have proficient absorption and is a popular product on the market.

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Final Thoughts – Worth the Money?

The Under Armour Performance Wristband has several factors that make it a remarkable product. It is made out of durable material that keeps the band from losing strength over time. This item is machine washable and is made to handle regular cleaning without changing shape. It fits most wrist sizes and can be worn by both genders. The band helps keep the wrist warm in cooler temperatures and has a unique design. The soft material is lightweight and does not constrict when worn. This product can give more support to the wrists to reduce pain. It is comfortable to wear for hours without causing irritation or issues. The absorbency is not as effective because it is not made out of cotton. The final verdict for this product is an 8 because of the insufficient absorbency. The Armour Wristband can be used for a variety of activities, exercise, and hobbies. It is a popular product among active users.

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Under Armour Performance Wristband Review
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