UA Delivers With The “Performance Headband”

Under Armour Performance Headband









  • Moisture Transport System
  • HeatGear Material
  • UA Quality


  • Thicker Style
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

Made of 96% Polyester and 4% rubber, the Under Armour performance headbandUnder Armour performance headband is an excellent product that makes a statement for anyone who downs it. The product is constructed with multi-channel performance fibers and is crafted with patented moisture wicking HeatGear that makes it work like a high-quality towel. It is instrumental when it comes to managing hair out of the face and absorbing moisture.

UA Performance Headband Navy

It gets its signature look from the Under Armour logo present at the front. With one size that measures 2 inches, it can snugly fit a majority of people. Available in multiple colors including black & white, blue, red, and gray, it means you can have a colorful collection or pick the one that tickles your fancy. There are options made for men and others for the ladies so that a person can pick the most appropriate one. It is a great running accessory, even though you can use it for any activity where you are bound to produce a lot of sweat. The outer materials are made of synthetic materials and the ideal seasons to use them us during winter and autumn, though you can still use them all year long without any complications. It is not itchy and comes highly recommended.

HeatGear Fabric Amazes Us

The item has a ridiculous absorbent rate thanks to the HeatGear fabric that wicks away sweat / moisture from the skin. Swear never gets past the band. It holds a tremendous amount of sweat which makes it ideal for people who sweat a lot when working out or playing various sports. When it gets saturated, all a person has to do is remove it and swing it towards the ground forcefully. The sweat will fly right out, and it will works well again.

You Won’t Need A Replacement Every Month

You will never have to worry about a quick replacement after getting the headband. You can use it for the longest time without signs of wear or tear. The colors do not fade fast even after a person washes and dries them many times. Elasticity is sturdy, and the product does not become loose over time. They perform as they should without any disappointments. They also come with an incredible seam that makes it last longer.

Snug Fit for Comfort

With a comfortable sports headband construction, it is one of the most snuggly fit working out accessory in the market today. Featuring a moisture transport system the headband keeps sweat out of your face and eyes allowing you to benefit from distraction free training. It always stays in its position which implies that you will not have to keep adjusting it something that can be quite irritating. The bands are also wider which means that you never have to stress about a tight fit that is uncomfortable. It is not too heavy or thick giving it the right feel.

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The Under Armour Performance Headband has been keeping athletes dry and fresh for many years. It is an affordable item and a worthy investment that performs at its best at all times. It does not take a lot when it comes to maintenance since all you have to do is machine or hand wash and let it dry. Many users appreciate the fact that it dries fast when you line dry it. It is a unisex product; thus, both men and ladies can put in on.

It is a multi-purpose item which means that you do not have to wear it playing sport as you can also put in on while doing things that make you sweat such as yard work or hiking. The fabric looks and feels good. Some users also report that although it absorbs moisture, it does not hold bad odor. You can buy an individual band or get the ones that come in a set of six so that you will never run out of the accessories. What you see is what you get because the advertisements of the products do not exaggerate anything which implies that it delivers optimum functionality without any qualms. They are sold as individual units. You may opt to get more than one so that you can interchange them if you so wish.

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UA Delivers With The "Performance Headband"
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UA Delivers With The "Performance Headband"
Packed with sweat blocking technology, the Under Armour Performance Headband works wonders for every type of athlete. Read our full review here.
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