UA 6″ Armband Delivers Double The Sweat Protection

Under Armour Performance Armband









  • UA Quality
  • Longer, will soak up more sweat


  • Sometimes can feel constricting if not used to longer sweatbands
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

When performing duties that require a lot of energy, most people sweat a lot. This sometimes destructs one from concentrating and some also are compelled to remove their sunglasses. Sometimes you may have the sweat trickle down your arms. This is a situation that is so disturbing. This should not give you stress any more for with the growth in technology, designers have come up with superb kind of sweatbands that will keep you comfortable in your exercises.

UA Performance Armband sweatband has been designed with an extra length to provide you with a larger surface area that absorbs your sweat. This 6 inch armband are made in five different colors giving a room to chose a color of your choice especially when you want to match with your attire. These sweatbands are made with an overstated logo of Under Armour. Their colors are not that bright and so people who don’t like bright things have got their place here. They are the best type of sweatbands in the current market.


These types of sweatbands are of very good quality and they last for long. This will serve you for a longer period and thus you will not be visiting the shop always looking for sweatbands. Their initial costs might seem expensive but at long run you will find that they are the cheapest type. You will experience fewer problems when using this type of bands and thus are a 10/10 durable type of bands.


These types of bands have a high absorbance power than any other type of sweatband. They are 96% polyester and thus the multi channel fibers present great absorption systems that trap all the sweat from your face and even arms.

UA Performance Armband Black

All the sweat is soaked in the band for as long as you carry out your activities. Unlike other bans that leak sweat when they are fully soaked, this type of bans have proved a 10/10 absorbance levels thus attracting several customers all over the globe.

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The most important thing that most people value when carrying out any activity is being comfortable. Without this, achieving the best of your doing may not be realized. Therefore, to give you superior comfort, Under Armour’s type of bands have been designed to absorb all your sweat and leave you as dry as you were before. All this is contributed by the material, size and even the colors that are used in making this type of bands. They are one the best bands in the current market (aside from Suddora) and thus you only need to make your order and have one for yourself.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Shopping for a sweatband may sometimes be a trouble especially if you don’t know the various types that are found in the market. Most people are just directed by the brand and sometimes they end up settling for a band that is not of their choice.

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Apart from the brand of each sweatband, there are also some other aspects that you need to consider. All these should be able to meet all your requirements and you should feel comfortable and happy when you have it on. Go for Under Armour 6 inch Performance Armband and you will never regret.

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UA 6" Armband Delivers Double The Sweat Protection
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UA 6" Armband Delivers Double The Sweat Protection
Under Armour Double Wide Wristbands (Armbands) are great for Tennis, Basketball and More.
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