Get Your Inner Animal on with the UA Jacquard Headband

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  • Cool designs
  • Material holds up


  • Tight for some
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

Available in prints like “anthracite,” “granite,” and “blue marker,” the Under Armor Jacquard Headband is designed to make a statement. Of course, the sweatband will do more than just keep you in style. This lightweight yet snug fitting sweatband is constructed from a breathable polyester that continuously wicks moisture away from your head and out of your eyes, ensuring you stay cool, dry, and focused during even the most intense workouts. Bold color combinations like black/white and orange/black make this headband stand out, and and an embroidered UA logo on the front adds to its stylish look. Below, we’ll take a closer look at how this sweatband measures up in terms of durability, absorbency, and comfort.

Holds Up Well Under Heavy Activity

A common problem with many sweatbands is that they tend to become stretched out over time and with repeated wear. This headband, however, is amazingly elastic and durable, thanks to Under Armor’s proprietary AmourGrip technology. Rather than warping, the headband actually grips better over time and the more you sweat. You won’t find yourself constantly adjusting your headband to keep it from falling over your eyes as you exercise or play sports. The sweatband also holds up well in the washing machine — it won’t deform or lose its shape with repeated cleanings.


Sweat Defeated by HeatGear Fabric

The sweatband is made from HeatGear fabric, which is very effective at wicking away perspiration. Even during high-intensity workouts, the wicking action of the fabric works great at redirecting moisture and keeping it from dripping into eyes and ears. The sweatband also effectively soaks up perspiration along the hairline, keeping your hair dry and in place during your training session. Best of all, it never gets saturated or soggy; the material dries quickly, so all you need to do after your workout is give it a quick rinse and go.


Breathable Polyester Feels Nice on Skin

This sweatband is made from a breathable 100 percent polyester fabric to ensure the ultimate in stretch-ability and comfort. While the headband is only available in one size, it has a lot of stretch to fit different heads (some reviewers have said it will even fit children comfortably). That said, some have found the grip to be a little tight. You may also find the fit a bit snug if you’re wearing the sweatband under a hat or helmet, as the material is pretty thick.

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A Great Headband with Unique Styles

The UA Jacquard Headband is a great choice for anyone who wants an inexpensive yet high-performance sweatband for intense workouts. This sweatband is designed to be able to keep up with high-performance training without losing its shape or stretch. It will fit men, women, boys, and girls comfortably, and is perfect for cycling, running, or any other activity that works up a sweat. The fabric dries quickly, so you can toss it into your gym bag immediately after your workout without any worries. Best of all, the headband will never warp, stretch out, or lose shape, no matter how many times its worn. This along with its superb absorbency, makes this sweatband a great investment for anyone who is serious about their workouts.

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Get Your Inner Animal on with the UA Jacquard Headband
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Get Your Inner Animal on with the UA Jacquard Headband
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