Why is terry cloth the best material for sweatbands?

Sweatbands are mainly worn on the wrists and the forehead. Athletes swear by these handy accessories as they help a lot in keeping the sweat away.  Some might think of them as unfashionable and boring to be paired with trendy tennis outfit, but that’s not the case actually. These days you can get sweatbands that are as stylish and trendy as your rest of the sportswear, especially the terrycloth ones.

You must have heard of the fabric names terry cloth a thousand times, but never would have given a thought to it. So, what it is that makes terry cloth the best fabric for making sweatbands. Here are some reasons why terry clothes are an all-time favorite:

Super comfortable

The super-soft piles of cotton yarn are made for all types of skin. It brushes against your without the slightest hint of tension. So, no matter how many hours you are wearing your terry cloth sweatband, the effects are minimal.

Made to keep cool and dry

At first look, the fabric seems a little bulky due to its collective bunch of yarns, but its nature is just the opposite. The yarns are woven in a way to wick maximum sweat away from the skin. The cotton loops act almost like a sponge, absorbing 27 times more sweat than its weight.


If you are exercising, there can’t be a flexible fabric than terry cloth. Most of the time, these terry clothes are combined with Spandex material that doubles its elasticity. With such flexibility, you get just the right amount of pressure on your head and wrist. Whether working out or just lounging, terry cloth sweatbands are a win-win every time.

If you have used on terry cloth sweatband, you would have realized how durable. This is the reason, why most of the bathing clothes are made from terry cloth, They tend to absorb tons of water without compromising on the durability. So, next time you are looking for a great sweatband, don’t forget to look for a terry cloth sweatband. 

Suddora Breast Cancer Wristbands for Football

Breast cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer deaths, fortunately luckily survival rate is improving. It is all because the awareness about this disease is being spread across the world, and the pink ribbon became an embodiment of it.

Suddora breast cancer wristbands for football are created to support this cause. It’s an effort to spread awareness so that women can go for a diagnosis before it’s too late. These wristbands not only come with a cause but are very practical for use as well.

Sweat absorption, comfort, and durability is something every one looks for while buying a sweatband. Football players know the importance of these three attributes more than anyone. After all they have to stay on the field without the slightest sign of distraction. Let’s see how Suddora can be a worthy addition to your sports wear.

Comfortable for Long Hours of Football Games

Made with 80% cotton, 12% Spandex and 8% Nylon, it’s a premium product from Suddora. Thanks to the fine quality materials, it is very comfortable to wear during football games.

A Wristband is a common sportswear among football players and this one comes in the standard size of 3 inches. The spandex material used in it improves elasticity, which the company claims to fit all.  Well, it does work for all sizes, especially, it can be stretched till forearm and made more than just a wristband.  

If you are a football fan or a player yourself, the Suddora sweatband is the perfect thing for you.

Prevent Distraction caused by Sweat 

It provides a quick wipe off solution for nasty sweats. Wear it during one of your football games and prevent the distraction caused by wet clothes. We didn’t even experience any sort of sogging, after hours of game. Still you will have to wash it after every use for hygiene purpose. 

As it supports a cause that is related to women’s health, it comes in 3 colors- pink, white, and black. With more young women opting for sports,  these pink bands are selling like hot cakes.

Durability is everlasting

The sweatband is durable and will last for years to come. Although, it supports machine wash and drying, we will recommend opting for hand wash every now and then.

If you are looking for something to wear during football games, we recommend buying Suddora breast cancer wristbands because they offer you the best of both worlds; a useful gear and supporting a noble cause.


These pink ribbon wristbands are suitable for football games, charity events both as giveaways and fundraisers. 10% of all sales of this product and other pink ribbon items get donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Also, this is exceptionally good at absorption and will soak all the sweat in one go.

Best Headbands for Men

Nearly all headbands are unisex. Still, we find that some work better for men and some work better for women. This list is the 5 headbands we found that work best for men. This list is for athletics. If you need a construction sweatband, check out our hard hat sweatbands.

1. Suddora Headband

Suddora Headband

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2. UA Performance

UA Performance Headband Navy

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3. Nike Swoosh

nike swoosh headband

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4. Adidas Interval (Reversible)

Adidas reversible headband

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5. Halo II Pullover 

halo II headband

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Best Arm Sweatbands

Arm sweatbands are sometimes called double-wide wristbands. They are worn commonly on the forearm, but sometimes at the wrists.

They are popular in a variety of sports including basketball, tennis and baseball. Since they have more material they are can soak up more sweat than a normal sized cotton wristband. For these type of sweatbands there are only 3 products that made our “Best of” list.

1. Suddora Armbands (6 Inch)

Suddora 6 inch armband

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2. UA Performance Armbands

UA Performance Armband - 6 inch

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3. Nike DRI-FIT Armbands

Nike dri-fit armband pair

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Best Wrist Sweatbands

What wrist sweatbands are the best? What even makes a wrist sweatband good? Both good questions. Some use cotton wristbands to wipe the sweat off their forehead during strenuous activity that causes sweat. Others use them to stop seat from reaching their hands. They serve some fashion purposes as well.

We are choosing the bands on this list primarily on which can absorb the most sweat, last the longest (durability) and feel most comfortable while the user wears them. We will keep the list updated as brands and quality changes. Here are the 5 best wrist sweatbands.

1. Suddora Wrist Sweatband Pairs

Suddora Wristband Pair

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2. Nike “Swoosh” Wristband

nike swoosh wristband

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3. Under Armour Performance

Under Armour Performance Wristbands - 3 Inch

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4. Adidas Reversible Wristband

Adidas reversible wristband pair

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5. Suddora Zipper Wrist Sweatbands

Suddora zipper wristband blue

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