Toes Home Magic Headband Delivers Both Fashion & Fitness

Toes Home Magic Headband









  • Highly stretchable
  • Ultimate boho look


  • The ends could be more durable with heming
(Last Updated On: May 29, 2018)

Have you seen David Beckham in his cute sweatbands? It’s probably the only way to keep off the sweaty bangs off your face that’s too with style. Sweatbands are a must for an athlete if they want to focus solely on their game.

Till now, we have reviewed a number of sweatbands, but none of them was this bright and full of colors. We are talking about the Toes Home Outdoor Magic Headband. It doesn’t only come with an ultimate sweat-wicking property, but also a very bright and colorful design.

So, let’s take a deep look into it and find out what’s so special about this bandana headband.

Fashion and fitness in one

Versatility would be the best word to start with while describing this Toes Home Headband. The package comes with six pieces of multifunctional headbands. You can use it in six different ways, without worrying how it will look.

Some say that style messes with the comfort, but that’s not the case with this Toes Home Magic Headband. It’s utterly soft with and comfortable on your head no matter how long you have been wearing it.

Use it as a neck gaiter, headband, wind or dust screen, spring scarf, balaclava or a helmet liner the choice is completely yours. More than 12 ways to dress makes it a great gift for your friend too.

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Excellent sweat diverter

The material used in manufacturing these headbands is embedded with an excellent sweat-wicking property. It comes with the length and width of 19.5inch*9.7inch and a highly stretchable elastic.

Even when you are using it during the most rigorous exercises, it will stay on your head, wicking every drop of sweat.

Yoga, walking, running, hiking, riding or fishing, other sports, you can wear it on every occasion. The bandana sweatband won’t go soggy because of its breathability and quick drying capacity.

Not Straining or Fading encountered

We didn’t find any washing instructions on the product, so we took the leverage of washing it in the machine. However, for drying, we didn’t go for the dryer. Just hang it and it worked well, there was no straining or fading after the first wash.

For safer use, we would recommend going for machine wash on delicate mode and then hang it for natural drying. Even after a number of usages, you wouldn’t find the elasticity drifting away.

Final Verdict

The Toes Home Outdoor Magic Headband justifies its name tag of magic headband. Amazon users have given it 4.5 rating, which is definitely good. For us, it worked as a versatile sweatband suitable for both men and women. You can use it for covering your head, face, neck, as well as wrist without worrying about the durability.

Toes Home Magic Headband Delivers Both Fashion & Fitness
Article Name
Toes Home Magic Headband Delivers Both Fashion & Fitness
Till now, we have reviewed a number of sweatbands, but none of them was this bright and full of colors as the Toes Home Outdoor Magic Headband.
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