Sweatband Rating Process

We choose our best sweatbands primarily on 3 qualities. Those qualities are Absorbance, Durability and Comfort. We also measure a sweatband companies style selection. However, this is not part of the specific product review scale.


How absorbent was the sweatband when we tested it? If it was not absorbent, did it actually help divert the sweat away from the eyes or hands? This is the thing we take into account when measuring how well a headbands or wristband absorbs sweat.


How durable is the sport headband or wristband? Sweatbands should not easily break apart after a few uses or a wash cycle. This would render them pointless. It is very important to us to measure this quality so people searching for sweat apparel get a good product.


How comfortable is the sweatband to the user? If a sweatband does the job but is not very comfortable than it is basically unusable. Did the sweatband leave a mark on your head? Did it cause a skin irritation? All of this is important.

Style Selection

The last metric, style, we only use for the sweatband brand as a whole. You will not see this on specific product reviews. We answer questions like – does the brand have a good selection of styles and colors for the customer? This is an important factor as a selection but not so much for the individual product.

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