Supreme New Era Headband: Serves both functional and fashion purposes

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  • Perfect cotton blend
  • Stretchy Breathable Material


  • Little thin
(Last Updated On: February 28, 2019)

Headbands are often looked upon for its functional value. No wonder they work the best to control sweat distraction on the field. But, is it the only thing a headband is meant to do? Well, of course not, this versatile accessory can be your next fling to up your dressing game. Yes, there are headbands that serve styling purpose along with helping in sweat control.

While we came across a number of them, the Supreme New Era Reflective Logo Headband is the one which has an upper-hand in fashion. Developed by keeping in mind the comfort and fashion-statement of athletes, this red color headband is going to be one of the gems of your sports wardrobe.

Made up of Acrylic material, it gives complete comfort to the wearer and makes them free from frequent sweat. Today, we are going to explain everything about this sportswear, which has become the style icon for players and helps in avoiding the sweat too.

The winter perfect reflective headband

Perfect for night runs, schools, and sports, this is just the thing for you. You can avail it in red, blue, and black color with the Supreme logo. As they come in different fits, you can find your fit very easily. It suits most of the head sizes, especially those of mid aged men and women.

The soft and elastic material gives you full strength and support for both indoor/outdoor usage. It will keep you from bruising and will improve circulation, which is good for winters.

Sweat Wicking Capacity

This headband is nothing near to being heavy, thick and bulky.  Plus, along with the stylish look, it will absorb a considerable amount of sweat. We can’t say that it’s the best for wicking sweat, but it does work up to a certain level. The bright side however is, it dries quite fast, which means you won’t be left drenched in sweat. You can use it for winters when you sweat less and want to keep-up the fashion statement.

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The Headband is made up of Acrylic knitting fabric. Due to its clothing material and flexibility, people use it on a regular basis and also find it attractive. Do not machine wash it instead go for simple hand wash. One wash will get you through morning walk, gym sessions, workouts, and playing games for 2-3 days.

It won’t stain or fade, even after many washes. Plus, there was no sign of sogginess and it dries quickly. Eventually, we count it among one of the most comfortable and attractive headband.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a winter style headband, then this is your safest option. Supreme band is the combination of comfort, durability, and flexibility. Don’t hesitate even once in buying the headband as it will keep the sweat away in the most stylish way possible.

supreme headband review
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supreme headband review
The Supreme New Era Reflective Logo Headband is developed specially for athletes and is highly comfortable. Made up of Acrylic cotton material, it gives complete comfort to the wearer and makes them free from frequent sweat.
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