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(Last Updated On: July 4, 2018)

Sweating during a workout is something that can’t be avoided, but you can definitely control its annoying after-effects. When it comes to long hours of rigorous training session, athletes choose to go for the sweat-wicking fabrics. While buying sweatbands, you have to consider the same attributes.

Sweatbands are meant to keep your sweaty tangles away from face. SUNMECI HeadbandsSUNMECI Headbands for men is one such sweatband that comes with the excellent Coolmax Fabric. Along with a great elasticity, this sweatband does come with an amazing comfort level. Here, we are putting light on this wonderful piece of hair accessory and how it could be one of the best gym accessories.

Versatile and Comfortable

Whether you like wide headbands or the narrow ones, this one here fulfills both the purposes. It comes with a decent width that can be folded, whenever you need a narrow one.  You can wear it without any slip issues. Plus, it won’t even give you a headache like many other sweatbands.

Silky soft and quite stylish, these headbands are also good with their cooling effects. Even in a very warm weather, you will not find it drenched in sweat. We also like its one-size-fit-all technology that makes it suitable for every age group.

Powerful Sweat Absorbing Capacity

The SUNMECI Headbands is specially designed for men who spend a lot of time in intense outdoor activities (mostly sports). The Coolmax fabric used in this headband stimulates its moisture wicking capacity. With such an excellent sweat absorbing capacity, you will hardly feel any sweat coming down to your face and neck.

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We also like its quick drying ability, which makes it recommendable for intense outdoor activities. Wear it for any sort of outdoor activity, including running, soccer, basketball, yoga, or tennis, you won’t feel the slightest discomfort.

Machine Washable

SUNMECI is one popular brand name of the USA that comes with guaranteed durability. The special stitching design makes it possible to fold it the way you like it. The company claims “Quality is Culture”, and the sweatband lives by the phrase.

Even with a machine wash, the sweatband withholds its color and elasticity on a longer run. The company allows you to machine wash it with a gentle cool spin.  For us, it was a low maintenance piece that will last long.


For men with a normal head size, this is one of the best sweatbands. Available in two colors, it can be your go-to hair accessory for every day. Wear it for an entire day and you will hardly feel anything. Durability, sweat absorption, and comfort, it lives by all three attributes.

SUNMECI Headbands for Men Review
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SUNMECI Headbands for Men Review
Sweatbands are meant to keep your sweaty tangles away from face. SUNMECI Headbands for men is one such sweatband that comes with the excellent Coolmax Fabric.
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