RiptGear Yoga Headbands for Women with Nonslip Design for Workouts

RiptGear Yoga Headbands









  • Super comfy
  • Remain in place during activity


  • Some users say they do not fit properly and fall off
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

The RiptGear Yoga Headbands for Women are constructed from four-inches of non-slip material designed to be stretchy and allowing you to wear them folded over or as a full band. Yoga is not the only activity these incredible bands will work for as they perform just as well for golf, volleyball, cycling, soccer, jogging, running or any other physical activity. These are some of the best hair accessories you’ll find on the market. They allow you to concentrate on your workout without worrying about your hair getting in your face.

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These yoga headbands are made from a blend of fabrics, so they are able to perform for you in outdoor or indoor sports activities. These bands stay where you place them throughout your entire routine unless you move them. With brilliant colors that will not fade, you’ll look great and stand out among your workout friends. Fashionable and stylish they can be used in multiple ways; folded over, full-width, or use them to pull back your hair and keep it out of your way while you work. Those who have purchased these bands say they are some of the best they’ve ever owned. The fit is tight enough to keep their hair in place and comfortable enough to wear without any scratchiness yet not too soft or slick.

RiptGear Headbands are softer than cotton and microfiber to give you all-day comfort and will not hurt your head. They have been designed to fit all head sizes and will gently hug your head as you go through any workout routine you perform. The width of these bands is ideal for those of you who have long or thick hair as they have the strength to keep all hair type secure. Here’s how these bands stand up against others:

RiptGear Keeps Up With Your Sweat

These yoga headbands are able to keep up with any amount of sweat you create. They will keep sweat out of your eyes, so you will not constantly be wiping your face. The snug fit keeps your hair in place, so you are focused on your workout and not your hair or sweat. Simply throw the bands in your washer, and they’re ready for your next day at the gym. Customers who have purchased these bands state they hold an incredible amount of sweat while they perform outdoor activities. They are particularly ideal for running as the fit is secure and they catch any amount of sweat generated. Being able to throw them in the washer is perfect to have them ready for the next run.

Unmatched Brushing

With RiptGear’s unmatched brushing process, these bands remain in place during even the most strenuous routines. They comfortably stay where you put them and work as hard at keeping your hair in place as you do on your workout. Those who have bought the Yoga Headbands are impressed with the amount of hair they can hold back. Finding bands capable of keeping long hair pushed back has been a challenge, but these bands have no problems keeping any length of hair out of your face.

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Feels Like a Pillow on your Head

Riptgear Headband

The stretchy material used with these bands doesn’t hurt your head. You can wear them all day in complete comfort with a unique brushing process that will keep it in place. These bands do not have the rubberized backing found on many styles of sports headbands, yet are able to maintain hair in place. One customer who purchased these bands say they are so comfortable, and she often forgets she’s wearing one. They do not slide, and you do not have to spend time adjusting their position or moving stray hairs out of the way.

The RiptGear Yoga Headbands are an excellent choice for keeping your hair in place during any type of physical activity. They are great looking with choices of Tribal prints, Paisley flowers, Hippie flower, Tile black and teal, purple paisley, or one of many bright solid or striped colors. Their easy care maintenance and optional wearing styles make them the perfect band for everyone.

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