Where to Buy Breast Cancer Wristbands

Breast cancer awareness month takes place in October. However, there are events, walks, and marathons throughout the year.

During these events, many people wear t-shirts and bracelets to show support for the cause.

One such awareness item is breast cancer wristbands.

Pink Ribbon Wrist Sweatbands & Silicone Wristbands

breast cancer wristbands
You can find these specific wristbands at Suddora

There are commonly two types of pink wristbands that you see people wear: silicone and cotton. These are both great options!

Many people prefer the cotton wristbands for breast cancer walks / events that take place outside during the spring and summer months. They can be bought in pairs and even as a set with a headband.

Silicone wristbands, on the other hand, are ultra lightweight and easy to hand out. You can store them easier since they are small in size as well.

Pink Ribbon Wristbands for Football Games

During October you will see many football players in the NFL, college and high school wearing pink socks, gloves, and mouth guards.

Another item that is perhaps the least expensive is the pink ribbon wristband. It is a great way to show support for breast cancer awareness while on the field.

You can wear one on each wrist or upper arm. Because the cotton bands are 3 inches wide, they are very visible in the stands and on recorded video.

If wrist sweatbands that have a pink ribbon on them are over your budget, you can also consider plain pink or neon pink wristbands.

Buying Breast Cancer Awareness Wristbands in Bulk

Are you buying for a team or large event? Consider buying in bulk. Many stores online offer discounts when you buy over 25 wristbands at once. That is much better than going to your local sporting goods store and buying them with no bulk discount.

What other items are right for Breast Cancer Awareness?

Two other items revolving around football are pink football towels and pink football hand warmers. These items make great additions to your uniform during October alongside wristbands.

4 classy headband styles to rock

Hair accessories are back on the runway that too with both simple and elaborate styles. One of the easiest head accessories you will get to style your way is headbands. In just a few seconds, your look can turn from just OK to extravagant. They are super fun, stylish, and definitely comfortable.   However, if you are not confident about how to style it, then here are a few styles to follow:

1. Bigger is Better

It might seem a little tacky, but the bigger your headband is the better it will be at the performance. Get a patterned head wrap and wear it high on the top. You can wear it plain or with a bow tie, depending on your dress choices.

2. Color Me Pretty

Hair scarves are counted among the most fuss-free accessories. No matter what you are wearing, adding volume on top of a low bun with scarves always work.  Get a printed one and achieve a knotted look with it. Better tie it in the front of the forehead.  You can also try the side look with plain bold colors.

3. Bring back the 80s

If you want to add a bit of twist to your attire, give it a retro look with the Bandana. Although Bandana was entitled to pirates and thieves first, in later 80s it made its place amidst both men and women. To achieve a chic 80s look with it, fold it into thirds and tie around an up-do. We would suggest avoiding any sort of frizzes as it will tarnish the retro look.

4. Faux Updo for Short Hair

This Audrey Hepburn hairstyle is a lifesaver for those with short hair. Tie your hair just like the way shown in this picture and no one will even realize the lack of long hairs.

Take a cue from these hairstyles and you can try a new hairstyle every day.


Warm Headbands that works well with Heavy Sweaters

Do you get painfully cold ears during winters? All you need is – to find a headband that is comfortable and warm to end the winter woos. The items below are some of our top choices, helping you stay warm even during the harshest weather of the season.

1. Suddora Sweatbands

The Suddora sweatband is made up of 80% cotton, 12% spandex, and 8% nylon. The sweatband absorbs sweat like a champ and is ideal for athletes who are into running, cycling, and other heavy duty sports. Given the ultra-high quality material, it won’t even irritate your skin.

2. Buff and Polar Buff

Buff offers year around styles to make your workout hours cozy and productive. Polar Buff is made with seamless microfiber that wicks away all the sweat and moisture released during exercises.

To maintain the warmth within, half of it is manufactured with Polartec fleece. Given the fabric and designing, it looks pretty good with heavy sweaters too. The next time you go for a walk, don’t forget to tuck one into your pocket.

3. Fleece Headband

The triple-layer heavyweight original turtle fur fleece is the softest and warmest you will find to pair with your sweater. We consider it the perfect headband for Skiing, Snowshoeing, Snowboarding, and Cross-Country Skiing. Although, it’s a one-size fit, it fits both teens and juniors. So, if you want to keep your kid away from cold, get this one for sure.

4. Funky junque cc cable Headband

We will talk about its efficiency later, but it’s a sure shot choice for pairing with heavy sweaters.  These ear warming turbans are inexpensive, comfortable, and super cute. Get one and you will never feel the chilly wind penetrating the skin.  Plus, there is no complaint of excessive moisture while working out.

How to Make a Headband Stay in Place?

If perfectly put together, headbands act like cherry on the top of any outfit. But, people often struggle to keep headbands in place for long hours. Even though sweatband manufacturers are trying hard to deliver on its customer’s requirement, there is hardly any solution if you are blessed with super-soft locks. Even the best sweatbands fail to live upto expectations in such a case. A few simple tricks, however, will keep your headbands perfectly secure. Follow it here:

Bobby Pins

Fixing your dress, jewelry, shoes, or even headbands, bobby pin comes handy all times. As it is one of the quick and effective ways to keep your headband stick up to a place, bobby pins are a must to have. Just tuck your headband with your hair using two-three tiny pins and you are good to go for running.

Hair Combs

Small hair combs are available in the market that can be easily glued to each side of the headband. These combs will grab a chunk of your hair and will keep it in place. Make sure the combs are soft else, it might end up hurting your scalp.

Hair Spray

Hairspray can be found in everyone’s vanity and it does come handy while fixing the headbands. Get a firm hairspray and pour a few shots around the area where the headbands need to sit. However, if you want to remove the headband suddenly, there will be a need for a little touch up.


While these are the secondary option, you can look for advanced technology in your headband too. Sweatbands these days come with silicone and several other types of grips. Prefer getting a sweatband that doesn’t only depend on the stretchability of fabric, instead have a separate grip for it. Brands like Nike and Bondi are coming with bands that are embedded with gripping technology. So, explore your options before getting one.


7 Celebrities Who Inspire Us to Wear Sweatbands

Sweatbands are clothing accessories worn either on the head or the wrist in order to absorb sweat. It was introduced in the sports world because of its excellent sweat absorption capacity. However, its aesthetic values made it an everyday option for celebrities, sportsperson, as well as industrial workers. It looks super cool, plus keeps your sweat and hairs both in control.

If you are still not confident about how to flaunt this stylish piece of clothing, here is a list of celebrities you can take inspiration from:

David Beckham

When we talk about fashion on the field, sports legend David Beckham is an all-time sports inspiration. In early 2000, it was the headbands only that kept David Beckham looking just perfect (till the time he came shaved head).  Beckham first debuted the zigzag headbands on the field in the year 2003 to pull back his boy-band hair.

Roger Federer

Federer’s headband has been a thing of gossip in the Wimbledon’s since his early days of career. Considered as his lucky charm, these bands not only keep his locks under control but also make him a fashion icon on the field.

Rafael Nadal

One another sports star with the forever charm of headbands is Rafael Nadal. We have seen him sporting headbands both on-field and off-field and he never seizes to surprise us. If you are starting your experimentation with headbands, he definitely can teach you a lot.

Not just the sports world, headbands are popular even in the glamour world, we saw some of our favorite celebrities wearing this beautiful accessory.

Elizabeth Banks

Embedded with Low chignons and French twists to gain a fun look. If you prefer a thicker band, do it like Banks. Get a thicker headband and position it on your up-do just like Elizabeth Banks did. A few bobby pins at the base of it will ensure a longer stay.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung has always been seen in stretchy jersey headbands that match her hair color. It’s a rather subtle way to flaunt your headbands. Your pick can be a knotted headband or even a simple bandanna. The bands will keep your golden locks off your face in an elegant fashion.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid appeared at a jewelry opening ceremony wearing a bright sky blue knot headband.  Rather than looking too overwhelming, it came as a total win-win for Tara as she paired it nicely with her V neck outfit. So, don’t be afraid to try strong colors.

Blair Waldorf

Our all-time favorite Gossip girl’s actress Blair Waldorf has made headbands the new teenage fashion staple. Her key to styling headbands is placing it an inch back from the hairline. She has been seen flaunting it for several occasions and for all sorts of purposes, including that as a sweatband. However, our favorite was her bandanna and silk headband.

Bottom Line

Begin your headband hunt now and one of these celebrities can be your inspiration. However, make sure that you are able to define your needs first. For instance, if you are running look specifically for running headbands.

5 Running Headbands That Stays Put for Hours

Whether it’s a short walk or a long run, there has to be a sweatband that controls both your locks and sweat. There is no way one can fall back in their practice just because of lack of right accessories. Thankfully, we have sweatbands to handle this problem.

From tight to loose, thin to thick, there are sweatbands for all preferences, you just have to figure out what you need. So, if you are looking for sweatbands that suits your running need, here are some that could work for you:

1. Lululemon Fly Away Tamer Headband

Velvet bonding inside is the key to this sweatband.  Even when you are running at a full speed, it won’t sleep off your head.  Buyers consider it the best for running, kickboxing and all sorts of tough training. Even when you are working for hours and sweating excessively, this sweatband won’t let you feel even a pinch of sweat on the face. You got some good color options too with it.

2. Bondi Band Headband

Thinner than traditional headbands, the Bondi Bands were released to make your jogging hours easier. Released with high anti-slipping property, this sweatband will stay around your hair for hours, minding both your hairs and sweat. It’s a comfortable and multi-season product, so get one with any second thought.

3. Nike Metallic Headband

Nike’s metallic headband is one of the thinnest, coolest, and most stylish headband you will come across. This super-cool head accessory is available in a number of colors, including desert sand, single blue, storm pink, dark citron, baby blue, hot pink, smokey mauve, classic white and black. It comes with the material composition of 60% Polyester, 30% rubber, and 10% silicone. The Silicone grip ensures a longer stay with a comfortable grip, while the rubber manages stretchability.

4. Brooks Greenlight Running Headband

If you are looking for sweatbands that suit your winter requirements, then Brooks Greenlight Running Headband is the one for you. Along with keeping the strands off your face, it will also cover your ears as well. There are reflective details both on the front and back, making it visible in low light. Its reversible design offers multiple style options, plus excellent sweat-wicking capacity.

5. Buff UV Headband

The versatility of Buff’s UV sweatbands is something we all are impressed with. In seconds, this multi-purpose sweatband changes into 12 different garments. Not just the versatility, even its UV blocking capacity is going to amaze you. You can wear it in the gazing sun and it will protect 95% of UV rays. Last but not least, its CoolMax fabric is the real deal, keeping you cool for longer hours.


Select any of these sweatbands and you can complete your training session without any hindrance.

Why Sweatbands Are a Must for Everyone?

Sweatbands whether worn as a headband or a wristband acts as a crucial sports accessory. If sweat is your enemy on the field, only a sweatband can control the situation. Earlier the range of sweatbands was limited to fabrics like terry cloth, but now you can avail it in different fine fabrics. Still, if you don’t have a sweatband yet, here are the five reasons why you must get one soon:

Keeps the sweat at bay

Perspiration is a natural process, which gets triggered when you run, jog, or do anything to stimulate your metabolism. As a sportsperson, you are already aware of the ordeals of sweat. When you are working out, sweat comes down the forehead and then to the eyes. Even the palms are affected with excessive sweating. Sweatbands in the form of headbands and wristbands keep the sweat at bay, letting you focus on the game.

The CoolMax fabric

Some of the sweatbands these days come with CoolMax fabric, which is meant to stimulate the cooling factor. During intense workouts, your body is supposed to heat up, which enforces us to take frequent breaks. However, if you are wearing a sweatband, it will prevent you from overheating. Some of these high-quality fabrics also generate cooling sensations.

Ties back your hair

Long hairs are a troubling factor on the field and sweatbands can help you manage the same with style and elegance. Try working out with one and without one and you will notice the difference. As you can avail these sweatbands in a variety of styles like bandana and tie bands, they become great fashion accessories too. So, the next time you are in field, don’t let your hairs slow the game.

The style factor

We have seen Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Nina Dobrev and many other famous icons in headbands. For many of them it has been an style stape for ages. So, even if you don’t sweat much or don’t need it for hairs, just consider it as a styling option.

Ensure your safety

Sweatbands used in the form of wristband protects you against many forms  of injuries too. Performing with wristbands is known to protect your muscle from strains and sprains. It provides a firm grip to your hands, eventually minimizing any possibility of jerks while playing.


If you have not got a sweatband yet, it’s time for you to explore this piece of clothing. Its values are not just limited to its functionality, but extends all the way to aesthetics.