Soak Up Sweat With Nike’s “Swoosh” Wristband










  • Great material combination
  • Soft on skin
  • Lightweight


  • Made with rubber
  • Only 3 inches wide
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

Made of absorbent fabric, Nike Swoosh Wristbands are just what you need if you do not want sweat coming in the way when playing any racket sport. They are attractive bands that have an embroidered logo right at the center to enhance style. They are also available in multiple fashionable colors giving you the freedom to choose the ones you prefer. These include black, white, blue, gray, and red. One size fits most, measuring 3 inches/ 7.62 cm wide. They come in a set of two and work as they are supposed to without any complications. They are designed to not only absorb moisture but to wick away sweat effectively allowing wearers to remain dry when the intensity becomes too much.

The King of Absorbance

The products score highly on this front because of the absorbent materials they are made from which include 72% cotton, nylon, rubber, polyester, and spandex. A combination of this helps to manage sweat well. They are also highly useful when you need to wipe the sweat off your forehead so that it does not drip to places that it should not, making a person to lose focus on their game.

Soft Feel & Lightweight

The fact that they feature comfortable and soft cotton allows users to benefit from a lovely feel on the skin. Many interested buyers feel as though they are too small when they first look at the product and are afraid that it will not fit. It is not true as it features quality stretchy material that fits well without being too tight or too loose enabling you to concentrate on the game entirely.

Material That Will Last

Nike has been known to produce high quality and durable products, and the Swoosh Wristbands are not an exception. Worth noting is that you can wear them for long without any signs of wear and tear. It makes them a significant investment because you can use them for many years without having to worry about replacement. Just follow the cleaning and maintenance rules, and you are ready to go.

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Part of Nike’s Crosstown Running range, Nike Swoosh Wristbands are ideal products that absorb moisture when a person is working out or playing sports like tennis or basketball, etc. It enables a person to have a proper grip on whatever they are holding since they do not have to keep wiping away the sweat at all times. You can also use them as fashion wrist bands. Almost everyone can wear the bands from kids to adults with a proper fit thanks to its elasticity.

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Nike swoosh wristband set

They are easy to look after since you can use either hand or machine wash, let them dry and use anytime. The wrist bands are affordable, but they do not compromise quality in any way. Get a pair or two today if you want to remain fresh without sweaty hands as you play your favorite sport. The fact that they are available in numerous colors makes it easy for a person to choose the ones that will blend in well with their sports apparel.

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Soak Up Sweat With Nike's "Swoosh" Wristband
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Soak Up Sweat With Nike's "Swoosh" Wristband
The Nike "Swoosh" sweat wristband is perfect to soak up sweat on the wrist and forearm area. Perfect for tennis and basketball players.
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