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  • Super lightweight
  • Thin - Great for under helmet


  • Some complain its not comfortable enough, we thought it was soft
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

Many customers will find what they’re looking for in the Nike Fury Headbands. They’ll appreciate the fact that there are lots of different color choices available with these headbands. These headbands are made from high-quality materials that are well-balanced. They’re 60 percent nylon, 8 percent spandex, and 32 percent polyester, which is an effective mix. Fans of the brand will like the Jacquard Swoosh logo. Many people don’t like to use active-wear that doesn’t have any brand association, so this is a headband that should give them what they want. In terms of style, headbands like this have a simplicity that a lot of people will appreciate when it comes to active-wear.


Polyester material tends to be good at absorbing fluids of all kind, and the high nylon content of this headband will make it even more absorbent than it would be otherwise. Football players have praised a headband like this on account of the fact that it’s very good at holding back all of the sweat that they generate in this difficult activity. This is also a headband that should be excellent for cyclists.

The material for the headband itself is very thick and should be able to hold the moisture that people will generate as they sweat. People have reported over and over again that this is a headband that holds plenty of moisture.


The strong spandex and nylon content should help this headband last for a longer period of time. Spandex is a highly elastic material, and if there is more spandex in a headband, it won’t wear out quite as quickly. The fact that eight percent of this headband is spandex should help it last. The added silicone content should also manage to provide more stability for a headband like this one.

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At 0.8 ounces, this is a fairly thick headband as well. It isn’t going to become threadbare very quickly, party due to the solid quality of the material and the overall dimensions of the headband. It should be noted that people might have a hard time fixing it themselves if the headband rips. The material isn’t really conducive to that, and the fabric might bunch if people try to sew it up themselves. However, the fabric is less likely to rip in the first place, comparatively speaking.

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Between the silicone and the high spandex content, this is a headband that should stay in place. This is a huge part of comfort. If a headband is sliding out of place over and over again, it’s going to be annoying to wear and it might cause some skin irritation. With this headband, customers might not have to worry about that. The relaxed opening will make it easier to put on and take off as needed as well.

With a total relaxed opening of 44 cm, this is certainly a headband that is going to be simple for people to fit around their heads in the first place, and it will be just as comfortable for them to wear in general. Even people who have very thick hair should be able to use this headband very comfortably, which will work well for them.

This headband has a high polyester content, and it is not as breathable as some of the headbands that contain more cotton. However, the high spandex content should cause the headband to fit very comfortably around someone’s head. The fact that this headband should keep the hair out of people’s eyes is also a crucial part of its success. That should make it more comfortable indirectly.

With a width of 3/8 of an inch, people might wish that this was a thicker headband. Sometimes, thinner headbands are not as comfortable for some customers. Then again, some customers will prefer thinner headbands. This is a characteristic that is more subjective than many others.

To Buy or Not To Buy?

Nike Fury Headbands are tough and they should last a long time. They’ll keep hair and sweat out of people’s eyes, even during some of the hardest sports games. The spandex should last a while, and it should help people ensure that they get a good fit. Even if these headbands are utilitarian in terms of their appearance and not breathable, they work well.

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Nike Fury Headbands Review
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Nike Fury Headbands Review
The Fury headband is loved by football players and other athletes alike. Its lightweight, so great for under the helmet.
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