SweatHawg Headband X2: The Ultimate Sweatband

Nothing worries a sportsperson more than the continuous sweat dripping down the face. While there is no feasible solution to control the phenomenon of sweating, one can definitely suppress its side effects. Till date, one of the most viable solutions for avoiding the sweat nuisance is buying a high-quality sweatband.

Though a number of sweatbands can be found online, a real good option that we came across is SweatHawg Headband X2. Let’s see what makes it better than its competitors.  

Extreme Sweat Control

The first noticeable feature of this sweatband is its excellent sweat absorbance capacity. The X2 here represents extreme sweat control, which means it can be definitely recommended to those facing high sweating conditions.

The sweatband is clubbed with hyper-absorbent materials to minimize the effects of sweat. You can wear it all day without any sweat complaints. No skin rashes and uneasiness has been heard of from the reviewers, so you can stay assure 

Makes the hardhats wearable

While most of the sweatbands loosen with a few usages, the SweatHawg is known for its grip. It stays on, even when you are doing some of the most intense activities. It’s smooth, lightweight, and comfortable, which makes it wearable for the entire day. The rear hook and loop closure make it fit all head sizes.

The ultra sweaters can also put it inside their hardhats, caps, and helmets. Even cooking hours can become easy with this headband.

Comes in the pack of 4

The sweatband is suitable for all head sizes and is supposed to last long. Unlike the hard hat liners, it can be worn alone too. And, given that it’s black in color you can pair it with most of your outfits.

It’s lightweight bamboo anti-microbial fabric ensures there is no bad odor. Still, if you want to maintain the hygiene, hand-wash it and hang to dry.

Bottom Line

If you don’t want a sweatband that works both as headbands and sweat liners, then this is your perfect option. Don’t worry about its durability or fit, as it has worked well with for many buyers.

SWEATSOpad® Hard Hat Sweatband: The Perfect Sweat liner

Whether the sweatband lining of the hat is broken or you are looking for a better alternative, the SWEATSOpad® Hard Hat Sweatband is the perfect choice. The sweatband works the best for those who work in the heat all day (eg. construction and industrial workers).    

While there are other sweatbands too, the ultra sweaters still find it difficult to cope up with the sweat issue. That is when the SWEATSOpad comes into the picture. So, let’s see how I can help you fight your sweat issue:

Excellent sweat absorber

The SWEATSOpad is known for its sweat absorption capacity. Insert it inside the hard hat or helmet and you can survive the whole day without sweat hazards. Once you have this sweatband lined inside the hat, there won’t be any sweat dripping down the eyes, neck, and face.

There has not been any issue related to skin rashes or uncomfortable fit, so you can definitely rely on it for entire days. However, you will have to leave the styling part alone, as it can’t be worn without hats.

Fits in all sizes of hard hats

Wearing hard hats through the day is quite a task, but this sweatband can change the case for you. Fit it inside your hat and it can be bearable once again. It’s super comfortable and will work well even in extreme weather.

There is Velcro closure, hook, and loop to improve universal fit. It stretches to fit in all sorts of hard-hats, improving the helmet grip. With all those Velcro’s and hooks too, the liner has not lost its soft touch.

Durability is remarkable

You will receive the sweatband in the package of 4, making it last longer. Wearable right out of the packet, which means you doesn’t need to prewash it.

 It will stay on for the entire day, without being drenched. If it feels sticky, hand wash and hangs it dry. It might get a little stinky after one week of intense use, so washing is necessary.

Bottom Line 

Until you keep washing it every week, it is one of the best sweat liners you will find around you. It’s light-weight, comfortable, and smooth on the skin.

No Sweat Hard Hat Sweatband: A Disposable Choice

Sweating is inevitable during workouts, but we can definitely curb its side-effects using sweatbands. Bandanna, tie bands, and wristbands, you can find sweatbands in several forms. However, when working in a high high-heat environment, most of these sweatbands fail to serve the purpose. And, that is why its  disposable range is gaining popularity; especially among industrial and construction workers, who are in dire need of sweat control solutions.

This No Sweat Hard Hat Sweatband works the best in such situations. We won’t say that it’s a sweatband, rather it’s a liner or sweat-absorber that works best inside hats and helmets.

Excellent Sweat-Absorber

Made in the USA, this sweat liner has high sweat absorbance capacity. Its Patented SweatLock Technology instantly absorbs the sweat and locks it inside, hence preventing the sweat from dripping down your face. There are no sweats stains, FOG build-up and odor left behind in the process, which means you can focus on your job without the side-effects of sweat.

Easy to Fit In

Whatever brand or type of hard hat you are wearing, this lining is supposed to fit in well. Being patented with universal design, it can be pasted in both the front as well as the back of the hat. Plus, it’s soft and extremely light-weight, so you will hardly feel its presence.

To ensure the well-being of your skin, the product is manufactured with hypoallergenic material. Wear it for as long you want, it won’t cause any rashes or other skin issues.

One-time Use

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is washing sweatbands. In such a case, a disposable solution is the best. To use these liners, you have to pill the layering and stick it to the hat. At the end of the day, peel it off the hat and throw it.

For some users, however, it works for more than one day depending on how much they sweat. Some of the users claim that their one piece of liner lasts for 5 days. Try one and depending on your frequency of uses, order a bunch of 25 or 50 liners.

Bottom Line

 Disposable sweatbands are a nice alternative of permanent headbands, especially if you sweat a lot. You don’t have to worry about it slipping away and getting washed. Wear and throw, without any chaos at all.

McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt: Weight loss doesn’t have to be tough

Summer is fast approaching and so is the time to remove layers from your toned body. For those who are a little behind in their fitness routine, we have the apt solution to catch-up. We are talking about waist trimmers that not just help in losing weight, but also support lower back posture.

However, for best results, you need a waist trimmer that does well on the scale of Sweat Absorption, Breathability, Fit, and Durability. McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt is one such pick that works well for both who are looking to shed some pounds and arthritis patients.

Lets’ us give you a detailed review of this multi-tasking belt:

Improves muscles Productivity

Whether you are working-out less or bloating yourself with excessive water intake, McDavid waist belt can definitely help. Incorporated with therapeutic heat production technology, this waist trimmer will help you reduce the water weight within just weeks.

Most of the time, we remain confused with the water weight and actual weight of the body, once we have gotten rid of the water weight, you can start focusing on some real weight loss. Wear it while working out and the results can be seen within weeks.

The belt even boosts muscle productivity and offer support for the lower back, hence preventing any sort of strain or pull. Buy this belt and you can lose your weight along with improving the posture.

Breathable and lightweight

Wear it around and it won’t bother you with its presence says most of the reviewers. Being manufactured with 100% high-quality latex-neoprene, it feels soft and smooth on the skin. So, you are unlikely to be bothered with it.  On the other hand, the non-slip layer ensures that it stays-on even during the most rigorous exercises. Adjust the Velcro closure around and get on with your fitness goal. 

The waist trimmer cushion supports the abdominal muscles and lower back, which makes it the best possible choice for relieving sore muscles.

Scales high with durability

As you will need the belt for everyday use, it has to be durable. Thankfully, McDavid can survive your extreme workouts without any sign of wear and tear. You can wipe the belt with wet cloth to get rid of the sweat stains.

If you are wiping it regularly, hand-wash it once in a month and it can be considered hygienic.

Bottom line

Weight loss doesn’t have to be so tough, especially when you have this nonpetroleum-based neoprene waist trimmer belt. It’s lightweight, improves muscle efficiency, and will last long.

What does Sweat-Wicking Mean?

Choosing the right athletic outfit without getting across the phrase “moisture wicking is quite impossible. But, what does moisture wicking actually mean? Many of the brands these days are coming with moisture-wicking fabrics and you definitely should know the answer:

Moisture-wicking fabrics are made to do two jobs:  First moving the sweat towards the outer surface of the fabric and then improving its drying capacity.  Its fast drying capacity doesn’t saturate the fabric, leaving a dry and non-sticky feel behind.

How moisture-wicking works?

The moisture wicking capacity of a fabric relies on its capillary actions. This is the movements of the liquid through the spaces within the fabric. Molecular forces between fabric internal surfaces and liquid cause the water to move forward. To make it work, brands focus on the internal structure of the fabric. Each yarn is carefully engineered and then sent under a series of tests to make sure it works the best.

Here are a few attributes of moisture-wicking fabrics:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Has the ability to dry quickly
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Soft to touch
  • Have optimum moisture and heat regulation
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Has an efficient design
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Absence of sogginess

If you exercise in the cold weather, moisture-wicking will prevent sweat built-up and keep your body from being excessively warm. One of the best fabrics to absorb sweat is terry cloth and this is even safe in colder regions. Most of the other fabrics pool the sweat and leave your skin exposed to cold temperatures.  This can be dangerous and may even lead to hypothermia.

So, stick to gym apparel that comes with good moisture-wicking fabric and you can enjoy hours of exercise with too much sweat on your skin. With moisture wicking fabrics, you don’t even have to worry about any sort of rashes or skin allergies.