Kenz Laurenz 12 Cotton Sports Headbands: An ultimate choice of sports wear

Kenz Laurenz Cotton Sports Headbands [12 pack]









  • Highly Durable
  • A number of color options
  • Excellent Sweat Wicking Capacity


  • A little tight on bigger heads
(Last Updated On: July 21, 2018)

Shopping is always fun, but it becomes chaotic when you trying to get the perfect sports and gym wear.  To be precise, here we are talking about sweatbands. It might be the tiniest gear in your gym bag, still, it has the capacity to make or break your sports session.

A sweatband comes with sweat-wicking properties that absorbs as well as diverts the sweat, keeping your workout session smooth. It is also one of the most important sportswear used by athletes of all levels, as it allows them to focus solely on their game by keeping the sweat away.

The Kenz Laurenz 12 Cotton sports Headbands is the next generation headband, made with terry cotton. The 2’’ by 6.6 wide sweatbands does a great job in mopping the sweat.

Giving you a full detail of why this product might be something you were looking for a long time now, here we have a complete review of the Kenz Laurenz Cotton sports Headband:

The Fabric Cuts above the Rest

The cotton used to make the Kenz Laurenz sweatband stands above its rest of the qualities. As it is a Terry Cotton Sweatband, you will find it thick, but that doesn’t affect its softness and sweat-wicking property. By completely wicking the sweat it lessens the distracting effects of perspiration, allowing you to focus on your game.

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Some people do complain about the drying capacity of this product, but that justifies with its high sweat observing quality. However, it won’t go soggy, so that’s not much of a problem.

The good thing is it comes in the pack of 12 headbands, so, if you are having trouble, there is always a spare one to change into.

Extremely comfortable on Head

Thicker headbands work way better in wicking sweat away and this headband justifies the same. Even though it’s a terry cotton sweatband, you will find it surprisingly soft and light. It comes in 2 by 6.5 inches, which normally fits all head sizes.

You can use it while most rigorous exercises and it won’t slip off. The high-quality elastic ensures a proper cover, eliminating any chances of slip off. It will easily stretch beyond all the head sizes. But some users complain about it being too tight, which is natural with the quality of elastic.

To be accurate it works wonders for you if you are a female or a male in his teens. Unfortunately, middle-aged men might find it a little tight after few hours of wearing.


The fabric terry cotton is far more durable than cotton, silk or wool. Even after many washes, you won’t find its color fading or the fabric shrinking. Being a terry cotton product, it’s also low maintenance piece.

Most people forget about washing instructions and end up ruining their headband. That’s not an issue with this Kenz Laurenz sweatband. You can machine wash and fast dry it on regular basis, without worrying about straining.

Final Verdict

Apart from the slightly tighter elastic complaints, we find this pack of 12 Kenz Laurenz Cotton sports Headbands extremely amazing. Buyers can rely on its durability and sweat absorbing property. For fashion enthusiasts it’s a total win-win as it comes in 12 color options.


Kenz Laurenz Cotton Sports Headbands Review
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Kenz Laurenz Cotton Sports Headbands Review
A great option for those looking for color options!
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