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  • Great color options
  • Cool Designs


  • Not as absorbent as Suddora
  • Long shipping / delivery time
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Unfortunately, many customers have reported shipping issues from Junk…

Junk brands has serious shipping issues

Now back to the review:

Sweat proves that you deliver an intense workout. But never allow that sweat to interfere in your game. Sweaty hair can stick to your forehead or get into your eyes while your game is on. This can harm your performance and hinder your winning percentage. What is the best possible thing that you can do about it? A good-quality headband can actually sort this out for you.

A sweatband should be an add-on to your workout kit as it helps in absorbing all the sweat and lets you concentrate on your game or workout. You just need to adjust according to your comfort level and all the other distractions will go in vain.

There are different types of Junk headbands categorized according to your requirements. You can find a series of headbands inclusive of Men’s headbands, Women’s headbands, Athletic headbands, Running headbands, Sweatbands, and even Ear Warmer headbands.

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Make a style statement with the power of comfort and great support while wearing Junk Headbands.

Why Junk Headbands?

1. Good Fabric, but not as good as Suddora or Nike.

Junk Headbands are skin friendly and easy to carry during a rigorous set of game or workout. Made up of polyester, they have an amazing capacity to absorb water and pays stimulus to the sudden sweat and absorbs it. Sweat gets stored in the material used in the headband, and evaporates slowly.

Most importantly, it dries immediately and as they are skin friendly, you will never be left with rashes or itching. The fabric is build up of supreme quality and is authenticated by Junk Headbands.

They are lightweight and easy to carry even while cliff-jumping or playing hours of the tennis game. The material is elastic and adjustable according to your comfort. These headbands do not lose their elasticity and are very much durable. In elaboration, there are some focused points on its durability and usage below:

2.   Lasting Material But Plan on another Purchase soon

The material that is used in Junk Headbands is very solid. You can just wash it multiple times and still, it won’t show any sign of damage. The fabric is resistant to stains and doesn’t hold any property of shrinking or loosening up. The fabric is skin-friendly and does not go bulky even when wrapped with sweat. It does not pull sweat as good as other brands like Nike or Adidas though.

  3. Skin Friendly Headbands, unless you have a larger head.

Junk Headbands come with a promise of leaving no marks on your head. They are adjustable or One Size fits most and provide you with a comfortable experience. There are different types of Junk Headbands which available online as per your comfort and style that best suits you. For athletes and sporty people, there is Baller band which holds high durability and absorbs sweat easily. They may not be the best if you have short hair. 

Other Junk Headband Styles include Big Bang Lite, Flex Tie, Big Bang, Ear Warmer and new to the list, Thin Band. You have all the freedom to choose different design and patterns from these categories of Junk Headbands.

Under these styles and patterns, they are Novelty Headbands, Solid Color Headbands, Bandana Headbands, and College Headbands.

4. Different Patterns, Colors, Size, and Styles

Not just the different styles, Junk Headbands come with different patterns and size too differently for both male and female. Styled for different genders and in different patterns. Some of the best patterns are American Flag, State Flag, Country Flag, Spartan, Floral, Animal and other solid colors. They are coming out with product releases all the time.

The headbands are diversely available online in different sizes too. One can get the same material and fabric in any of the picks. Make a righteous decision of getting Junk Headbands for your sports kit.

What are different types of headbands?


Big Bang Lite headband from Junk is a popular choice for  girls, sportsman, and fashion bloggers. It is made up of soft material, not at all heavy and has a vast collection of different prints and designs. The material absorbs sweat and lets it evaporate quickly to provide a light head experience to the users.

There are many patterns under Big Bang Lite Headbands like Compton Headband, Ohio State: Buckeyes Headband, Superchill: White Headband, Never Surrender Headband, Black Ops Headband, Novarupta Headband, Honor Headband with American Flag and more to choose from. You get more than 50 headband categories to buy from.

The benefits of Big Bang Lite Bands are that they are the lightest and are machine washable. Even the material neither too tight nor too loose as it comes with all the comfort and fitting. You will find it breathable, soft and cool against the skin.

Talking about the durability of the product, there are covered stitches on the edges. The headband has a long-lasting life and stays smell-free even if they are kept unused for days.  Leave them in your gym or locker for a few days, they don’t stink.

These bands are the perfect buy to nail a great sporty look too. What else one needs comfort plus style in one pack. Get it in vibrant colors and play the perfect look every time.


Flex Tie Headband goes justifiably well with its name, a bandanna for females, you can wear this out for a party or casual outing. These headbands are really cool and can match well with most of your outfits. The fabric is softer than other brands and is easy to use and wash.

The Flex Tie Headband ties tight on your head taking strong hold over the hair and does not let them indulge in your eyes while you are working out. The fabric is designed to dry out quickly and keeps you cool throughout the game. The material is easily washable and can be kept unwashed for many days.

The material is lightweight, soft and remains cools with the skin leaving no rashes. The amazing features of the Flex tie headband are that it can fit anybody. You can share it with your siblings as well as friends.

It has a long-lasting durability plus it pulls away the sweat instantly. Made up of majorly polyester with a minor blend of Spandex, this one sits around your head comfortably. Therefore, it is designed well for both the genders to be used on different occasions.


Baller Band is the best athletic band you can ever get. The fabric is a breakthrough technology specifically designed to keep you cool by providing you feel like a simple t-shirt. The band is very soft and quickly pulls away all the sweat, keeping you dry all the time.  

Junk headbands do have a variety to choose from and all of them are equally comfortable and easy to wear. Because of the Spandex mix, you can easily stretch it and there is zero need to tie it.

The band is made up of durable elastic and strong fabric, so you don’t have to worry about it being stained or losing its elasticity. If you want to keep up with your style sense along with keeping the sweat issue under control, this is the headband you need. 


Big Bang is altogether different from Big Bang Lite. These headbands are of utmost comfort and keep you cool and refresh during your game. It comes up with an innovative technology of ‘moisture management’.

It is white on the inside which does not allow the sweaty heat to disturb your performance at the gym. You can get it in different patterns and prints. Some of the prints are Thin Blue Line Headband, Rebel Within Headband, Riptide Headband, Royal Fleet Headband, Daniel-San Headband, Shifting Force Headband, and many other exciting patterns to choose from.

It is breathable and can help you stay cool even during the most intense workouts. The elastic is firm but doesn’t make it feel like a load on your head. The sweat gets easily dried up and doesn’t even stink if kept unused for long.


Specially designed for winters to curb the cold, these headbands are soft and keep your ears warm. As a safety wear with style, these Junk Ear Warmers should be your pick during the winter season. The fitting can never be the issue of these products as they come with the most accurate fit of elastic.

Made up of 92% polyester and 8% of spandex, it keeps the sweat away and covers your ear very well. Good for personal use as well as for gifting purpose, you can buy it for friends, family as well as colleagues.

Midnight Black Ear Warmer, Never Surrender Ear Warmer, Delta Force Ear Warmer, Static Ear Warmer, Redwood Ear Warmer, and many other Ear Warmers are available in different patterns. Pick one that suits your choice.


Thin Bands are the new innovative addition to the family of Junk Headbands. They hold the lightest weight with double ply. It is very much durable and stylish. The thin band is easy to carry and is a gem for a style statement.  Actually, it is designed for women to tighten up the long hair with elastic grip and innovative technology.

Again, this band is made up of a lightweight material capable of absorbing sweat, leaving you with dry skin. It is skin safe and no rashes have been recorded after use.

Vibrant Thrush Thin Band, Coastal Route Thin Band, Sky Light Thin Band, Black Heat Thin Band, Milky Way Thin Band are some of best thin bands available online at Junk.


If you want to be spoiled for choices, junk headband is the one to go with. But if you are concerned about quality for day-to-day and your next workout, choose a different brand like Suddora or Lululemon.

Everything you need to know about Junk Headband
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Everything you need to know about Junk Headband
Get a series of Junk headbands inclusive of Men’s headbands, Women’s headbands, Athletic headbands, Running headbands, Sweatbands, and even Ear Warmer headbands.
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