How do musicians handle sweat on stage?

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2018)

As a lead singer, drummer, or guitarist in an active band, you must have come across sweat troubles. With all the makeup, clothes, and light, the drummers end up being drenched in sweat, which is annoying and distracting.

Not just drummers and guitarists, but the entire stage crew is in search of that one perfect solution to keep the sweat away. To be honest, there is no way you can cure sweat but can definitely control or avoid it.

So, here is how you can stop sweating on stage:

Buy an A-grade Sweatband

A sweatband can be used in many forms, including a headband, neckband, and a wristband. Depending on where you sweat the most, choose between the three. Using a headband will prevent sweat from hairs and keep your eyes and face dry.

The wristband helps drummers in wiping the sweat off the face along with keeping the palm dry. The best of all, a Bandanna can be used in all three forms, protecting you from sweat, dust, and wind. These bands come in different fabrics like nylon, polyester, and cotton. Opt for a fabric that comes with the combination of Spandex as it increases the elasticity, keeping your skin comfortable. Several famous brands like Nike, Swoosh, and Supreme are providing with A-grade sweatbands.

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An antiperspirant to minimize the sweat

Try a clinical-strength antiperspirant as they have been often proved to be effective. With a high amount of aluminum, these antiperspirants clog the sweat ducts minimizing the sweat. When you are performing outdoors, antiperspirant will keep the sweat from coming for a little while.

Talcum Powder Could Prevent Sweat Spots

Talcum powder is often underrated, but it comes handy when it’s about sweat. The baby powder helps in absorbing moisture and let you stay cool. However, do not assume these powders to be something that can reduce the sweat. It will just minimize the sweat signs so that it is not visible on your clothing. Order online or pick from a grocery store, you can also get it in your choice of fragrance.

Sweat Triggers Should be Kept at Bay

There is nothing as embarrassing as meeting your fans with sweaty palms and armpits. Performing in front of the crowd is a stress-inducing situation that can activate sweat glands. Most of the times artists start sweating even before entering the stage. Maintain your calm and avoid any talk that can cause nervousness. Do a quick round of breath in and breathe out, to avoid sweat panic. Some of the measure triggers could be alcohol, caffeine and spicy food, so you should stay away from it at least on the day of the concert.


Finally, one of the solutions that you can go for is getting an extra layer of sweat proof undershirt. These tips and tricks come handy for drummers, guitarists, and other musicians. Especially, the sweatbands as it look cool and stylish. Drummers like Ashton Irwin can be your direct inspiration when it comes to sporting sweatbands.

How do musicians handle sweat on stage?
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How do musicians handle sweat on stage?
A sweatband can be used both in the form of a headband, neckband, and a wristband. Depending on what body part troubles you more with the sweat, you can choose among the three. Using a headband will prevent sweat from hairs down to your eyes and face.
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