Heathyoga Headband for Yoga Review

HeathYoga Headband









  • Machine wash without wear
  • Soft, yet durable, material
  • Can be used for more than just Yoga


  • May not be good for very strenious workouts like cross-fit
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

The Heathyoga Headband for Yoga, Workout and Fitness certainly has a lot going for it. People won’t get headaches when they wear a headband like this because of its design. It’s a stylish headband that people will actively want to wear in public while jogging outside. It’s a versatile headband that people should be able to use during a wide range of different athletic activities. It should fit nearly everyone. The high-quality, breathable, soft, and highly elastic fabric should give people a good experience overall.


The moisture-wicking material of the headband should generally help customers absorb sweat in a way that doesn’t feel irritating for them. However, during a really tough workout, it’s possible that the headband won’t be able to absorb enough sweat. If the headband falls out of place at any point, it will be even less effective at absorbing sweat.

No headband is going to absorb limitless amounts of sweat effortlessly. This one should generally be good at absorbing sweat during most workouts. People who are planning on doing very strenuous exercise sessions or sports might want to try a more absorbent headband. Everyone else should be fine with this one.


Many headbands on the market are terribly thin. This typically means that they’re going to wear out relatively quickly. This won’t be the case with the Heathyoga Headband. It’s thick enough that it isn’t going to become brittle even after several washes. People need to make sure that they can wash headbands that they use in fitness settings on a regular basis, especially if they’re specifically using them to absorb a lot of sweat. People can use this headband this way and they won’t have to worry about using it up quickly.


For the most part, people should find this headband comfortable. It should fit most customers’ heads well enough. The narrow back section and the broad front section will make the headband more comfortable for many people. For most customers, the headband should fit snugly without being tight enough to constrict the skin. However, people with some hairstyles might have a hard time with this headband, and this can affect comfort.

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People who really need the headband to cover their hair might have a problem. Anyone with very short hair might also have a problem with it. There are customers with smaller heads who might find the headband too big, and some customers with bigger heads who might think that it’s too small. No headband is truly ‘one-size-fits-all.’ This headband might be loose enough to slip out of place during a tough workout. However, it should still work well for most people.

Is It Worth The Price?

Overall, the Heathyoga Headband for Yoga, Workout and Fitness is a solid product. Obviously, it won’t work for everyone. People who normally have problems finding hats because of their big or small heads or hairstyles might have a problem with this headband. People who do very strenuous sporting activities might need something tighter and less likely to slip and more likely to absorb all of their sweat. However, this is a headband that will last for a long period of time and that will work well for most people.

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Heathyoga Headband for Yoga Review
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Heathyoga Headband for Yoga Review
Healthyoga Headbands can be used for much more than just Yoga. Use them for running, cycling and during your workouts.
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