Headsweats Shorty Beanie & Helmet Liner Review

Headsweats Shorty Beanie









  • Perfect for cyclist
  • HeadSweats quality
  • Performance fabric


  • Some minor sizing issues
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

This Headsweats Shorty Beanie and Helmet Liner was just the product I was looking for to wear beneath my bike helmet. As I bike often in a hot climate (Atlanta), I needed something comfortable to wear under my helmet to keep perspiration out of my eyes as I rode. This product fit the bill at a reasonable price, no less.

Very Comfy Under Helmet

This is a very comfortable liner that fits well under both helmets I have. Since comfort is essential, that is pretty much the number one aspect of any product, especially a sport related one. It simply gets placed on your head before putting on the bike helmet. Like any garment that is comfortable, you forget it’s there while in use. I could do without the back part that sticks out like a duck’s bill, but it does make it easier to put on your head like a baseball cap on backwards. It only comes in one size and I’d think it would have at least 2 different sizes since head shapes vary.

Durable HeadSweats Quality

This helmet liner is well made and stitched efficiently ensuring long wear under the duress of biking a few times a week in warm climates. I do a simple 12 miles once a week on road or mountain and usually a big mountain ride with friends on weekends of about 26 miles. I don’t want to have to buy a new helmet liner every month, although they’re inexpensive enough to have one on hand as a spare. So far, this liner has worn well. It’s machine washable and can be air dried or put in a dryer.

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Keeps Sweat Out Of Eyes

Ah, the most important part of this product. It absorbs sweat to keep it out of your eyes from your forehead on those soaking hot days. It works very well and I’ve recommended its use to others I ride with on a regular basis. It’s made out of moisture wicking polyester that is almost identical to the fabric of moisture wicking shirts. It dries quickly and you can wring out the sweat if you need to and put it on again.

As an additional caveat, it works to help keep your head warm in cool weather rides, too. I recommend this product highly for serious and casual riders alike.

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Headsweats Shorty Beanie & Helmet Liner Review
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Headsweats Shorty Beanie & Helmet Liner Review
HeadSweats Shorty Beanie is great for cyclists looking to control sweat. Read our review here.
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