Here’s What We Thought of the Headsweats Eventure Classic Head Wrap

Headsweats Eventure Classic Head Wrap









  • Super lightweight
  • Great for cyclists
  • Very comfortable in skin compared to other wraps


  • Limited color options
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

The Headsweats Eventure Classic Head Wrap is an effective headband that a lot of people will wear in order to keep the sweat from bothering them. Cyclists in particular are probably going to love it, especially since they are not always going to get everything that they need from all of the headbands that are out there now. People who have large heads will often have a hard time finding headbands that will work, and this one will work for them as well. Still, this is still a headband that should be effective for people in the more represented demographics today.


The fabric was specifically designed to keep the sweat out of people’s eyes as effectively as possible, and by all reports, it does. The fabric is very good at moisture wicking in general, and that should more or less make the headband significantly more successful than a good portion of people would expect.

People who have large heads and who sweat a lot have found that this was a headband that worked very well at keeping the sweat out of their eyes. As such, a lot of people will probably be able to stay dry easily with a headband like this one.


The fact that this is a headband that is machine washable will make it more durable in general. People will be able to get rid of the sweat and the chemicals that might cause deterioration, allowing them to hold onto this headband for a relatively long period of time.

People might be able to use this headband consistently as well, since it seems to be capable of keeping people warm on cold days and cool on warm days. As such, they will have an easier time wearing it for long periods of time. If this headband starts to wear out earlier than people expect, it might just be a function of the fact that they are wearing it significantly more often than they would otherwise and that this will wear out the headband faster. It might not actually be a function of whether or not the headband itself is more durable.


This is a headband that will fit under a bike helmet well, which often signals that it is going to be much more comfortable than some of the others that are on the market at present. People also are not going to have to worry about having to decide between a headband and a helmet, which is often an issue that comes into play. This is a great choice for the cyclists who are out there, and they often don’t get the representation that they need with headbands.

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People with large heads sometimes have a problem with finding the headbands that they want, and this will not be a problem here. Many people should be able to wear a headband like this in spite of the fact that they have larger heads. Still, that doesn’t mean that this is a headband that will only work with people who have large heads. It appears to be more versatile than that. It’s just a headband that will tend to give people a good performance one way or another.

The headband is also a lot lighter than many of the others that people will find, particularly the ones that have a tendency to absorb a lot of sweat. As such, a lot of people will find that this is a comfortable headband for them. Lighter headbands will often barely even feel like they’re being worn, and that can be positive for most people.

Final Thoughts

The Headsweats Eventure Classic Head Wrap is great for cyclists, people with large heads, and everyone else. People who have a hard time finding headbands will particularly like it. This is a headband that can be worn in nearly every season. If people do decide to wear it in nearly every single season, they might wear it out faster. However, that might not be something that a lot of people care about, especially if they tend to get through athletic-wear very quickly. Many people will get a lot of use out of this headband one way or another.

Headsweats Eventure Classic Head Wrap Review
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