Halo Tie Headband – A Better Fitting Sweatband

Halo Tie Headband









  • Patented SweatBlock Seal
  • Keeps form after many uses
  • One size fits all, unisex


  • Too thin for some
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

The Halo Tie Headband is similar to a small headscarf, and a lot of people will love that. They will have much more freedom when it comes to its overall use. This headband is available in literally twenty-three different colors. For the people who care a lot about the style of their headbands, this is a huge benefit. The material for this headband is very soft. People should like the way that it feels against their skin in general. Putting it on and taking it off should be relatively easy, especially compared to many other headbands on the market. This is a low-maintenance headband that is perfect for certain sports, like cycling.

Absorbance With Neoprene Material

The neoprene material of this headband is not as thick as what people will always find in the product category. People might not be able to keep the sweat out of their eyes entirely with a headband like this one, even though it should still help. Anyone who is doing relatively mild exercise in warm weather should probably be fine.

However, the people who do really strenuous exercise and who tend to sweat a lot in general might find that this is not a headband that is going to work well for them. However, this fabric should still be thicker than what people will often expect with neoprene headbands and similar products. Customer expectations will vary. People just need to try to figure out if this headband is right for them.

The fact that this is a headband that dries quickly might be more important for a lot of people. They should be able to exercise more comfortably with this headband one way or another.


The fact that it’s possible to tie this headband around a person’s head makes all the difference when it comes to how durable it is. It means that people are not going to have to stretch out the elastic of the headband anywhere near as much when they wear it. They can just fit the headband to their heads. The headband will not lose its form in the process, and that’s crucial when it comes to whether or not the headband is going to last.

On that basis alone, the Halo Tie Headband should last longer than many others. People might lose the Halo tag along the way, but this is not necessarily something that a lot of people care about and it should not have an impact on the functioning of the rest of the headband. The fact that this is a headband that dries quickly should only help it to last longer.

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This headband can be tied in the back very loosely. As a result, it’s easy for people to get the exact fit that they want. Therefore, they can make this headband fit much more comfortably than many of the others on the market today. The band itself is about thirty inches long, and that means that it should generally be able to fit most men and women.

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The fact that this is a headband that should fit men and women equally well is very positive. A lot of manufacturers do not take into account that men and women tend to need headbands of different sizes on average. This is a headband that should be comfortable for both male and female athletes. Even people going on bike rides have found that this is a comfortable headband for them to wear.

The neoprene fabric is wonderfully soft to the touch, and it should be just as soft around the skin of the forehead. The material is also very light, and it should feel fairly delicate against the skin.

Final Thoughts on Halo Tie

The Halo Tie Headband is a great headband that a lot of people will love, especially if they’re interested in cycling. It won’t absorb as much sweat as many others, but that won’t always be a problem for everyone. It’s one of the most stylish headbands that anyone can own. It’s also easier to customize a headband like this than it would be under other circumstances.

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Halo Tie Headband Review
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