Does Halo Make The Best Skull Cap?

Halo Skull Cap









  • Amazing option for most cyclists
  • Great fit (one size fits all)
  • Breathable micro-mesh top


  • SweatBlock strip bothers some people
(Last Updated On: January 22, 2019)

The Halo Headband Sweatband Skull Cap has a lot going for it. It’s very absorbent and should allow people to keep the sweat off of their faces very well. It should last for a long time and it has been resistant to stretching for a long time in general. Many people have said that it’s comfortable. It’s a headband that will work for many customers.


This is a fantastic headband when it comes to the absorbency. A lot of people have found that it is just the sort of thing that they need for keeping the sweat out of their eyes. Even a lot of people who have problems with sweat have found that this is the case. A lot of them are going to have a comparatively easy time with wearing a headband like this.

The relatively thick material should allow people to absorb sweat fairly easily. They should be able to put on a headband like this and stay dry throughout some fairly strenuous exercise. Even many people who have done a lot of heavy exercise in the past have managed to praise this headband, so it should probably work even better for the people who tend to do less strenuous exercise.


These are some of the best headbands that people can find when it comes to durability. The fact that they are not going to stretch out should make a huge difference for the people who are trying to find a way to hold onto these headbands for a long period of time. Headbands that tend to stretch out easily will lose their shape over time, since all of that stretching will eventually wear out the elastic.

halo skull cap inside

The fact that this is a headband that is good for keeping away UV rays will make it positive for the people who are trying to stay healthy. It should be noted that this means that the headband colors are going to fade relatively quickly, but this tends to be the case for the majority of headbands that people will still wear today. Given the position of headbands, almost all of them are going to be prone to fading, especially if the headbands are darker in color.

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The fact that this is a headband that is going to easily fit both men and women should make it better at fitting most people in general. It’s an efficient headband that should be able to help people stay comfortable even as they are keeping the sweat out of their eyes. While this is a headband that should generally be better for people who have smaller heads, it should fit people in that general range pretty well. This might not be the most versatile headband that is available today. However, it should work well enough for a large group of individuals.

The fact that this is not a headband that is going to stretch out should also make it more comfortable in some cases. While this might mean that people who don’t fit the headband will have a harder time with it, it’s not going to end up getting too loose for the people who do find the headband perfect for their head shape. It’s important to strike a balance when it comes to the fit of all headbands, and it seems that this one is going to work in general.

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Some people might not like the rubber strip inside of the headband, and they might think that it’s not especially comfortable. However, opinions on this will vary. The fact that this is a headband that people should be able to put on with only one hand should only help when it comes to whether or not the headband is ultimately comfortable. This signals the fact that the headband is going to fit a person’s head well overall.

Final Thoughts

The Halo Headband Sweatband Skull Cap will not work for all customers. It tends to be best for the people who have smaller heads. However, it will work well for people with those dimensions very well, and it should work well for both men and women with those dimensions. Many people should appreciate this headband, and it should last them for many years.

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