Halo Protex – It’s All in the Name

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  • One size fits most, tie back
  • Patented SweatBlock Seal
  • 4-way stretch mirco-mesh top


  • Some have issues with how SweatBlock Seal feels
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

This is a type of sweatband that serves two purposes of absorbing sweat and protecting you from the sun as well. As you cycle or when carrying out any outdoor activity, you sometimes have profuse of sweat dripping down your face making it uneasy all through. To make this enjoyable, you need to find yourself some kind of sweatband that help you trap this sweat and always make you stay cool and comfy.

Halo Protex sweatbands are designed to keep your seat and sunscreen away from your eyes. This therefore will enable you to continually have your sunglasses on as you cycle. You can as well have this type of sweatband under your helmet while riding thus you will not have your helmet soaked with sweat. This sometimes will make your helmet smell due to the dirt. It has a mesh top with four way stretch that offers a fantastic wicking and aeration together with sun block tech.


This is a high quality type of sweatband that will serve you well and for long. As you shop for any kind of item, it is always important to consider the quality of the item and not just be driven by the price. Always, a high quality product comes with high prices that sometimes keep off some people but this should not be the case. This type of bands are made with high quality material that last longer.


This is highly dependent on the material used to make the band. This type of band are designed using a microfiber polyester entrenched with silver ions that helps in ensuring that there is no any kind of bacterial growth. This therefore means that all the sweat absorbed evaporates back to the atmosphere leaving the band dry and odorless. This absorbs 100% of your sweat leaving you dry and comfortable.


This is the feeling that every person needs when doing any kind of activity. Halo protex bands are the most comfortable kind of bands that will leave you amazed upon using them. They are a lightweight and scrape resistant thus it does not lose its shape easily. Unlike other type of bands that may get off your head as you ride, Halo Protex can be securely tied at the back of your head to fit you well thus giving you superior comfort.

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Despite having several types of sweatbands in the market, there are some exceptional types that you should always look out at when you go shopping. You should be keen when selecting them in order to have one that meets all your needs. Among the best is the Halo Protex type that is so comfortable and durable. Have Halo Protex and you will enjoy your daily ride.

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Halo Protex - It's All in the Name
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Halo Protex - It's All in the Name
Learn how Halo's skull cap like sweatband can help protect you from the sun and your own sweat.
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