Halo Headbands (slim 1-Inch version) Review

Halo Headbands (slim 1-Inch version)









  • Effectively channels sweat away from eyes
  • Perfect for under helmet
  • Dryline fabric


  • Might crack when washing, hand wash instead
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

If you are a runner, cyclist or an athlete who participates in any activity that will cause you to sweat, the Halo Slim Sweatband may be perfect for you. It is designed to fit any shaped head and it does a great job of keeping your sweat from your eyes and face. Halo has a great ‘SweatBlock’ technology that really helps absorb and re-channel sweat so that you can focus on your workout. The fabric of the band is dryline. it’s a great band for fitting under a cycling helmet due to it’s size and shape.

The most important factors about any sweatband are absorbance, durability and comfort. The Slim Halo Sweatband rates as follows:


On a scale of 1-10, this Halo sweatband rates as a 7. One must keep in mind that it’s not really designed for hard core workouts that entail major cardio. This sweatband is mostly geared towards cyclists. It will definitely keep the sweat out of your eyes for hours unless you sweat profusely or you are riding in extreme heat. For extreme heat or extreme cyclists, this sweatband will not be absorbent enough. If you cycle for up to two or three hours a day in decent weather, the material in this sweatband will keep your eyes clear from sweat.


On a scale of 1-10 this band rates a 7. While it a fairly good performing band, it does tend to crack when it’s washed. It will also lose it’s tightness after a washing. Of course, if it’s too loose the sweat will not be absorbed. However, it takes quite a few washes before it starts to lose shape or crack.


This Halo sweatband rates 10/10 for comfort. The one inch band feels like nothing is on your head at all. The elastic will feel a little bit tight at first because it’s foreign to the skin, but after awhile you completely forget you are wearing it. It does not feel weird against a bike helmet. It’s light and completely comfortable. If the headband is washed or worn too long and it cracks, the cracked part can irritate the skin, but other than that, if it’s in good shape it’s like wearing nothing at all and having the benefit of no sweat in your eyes.

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Final Thoughts

The Halo Headband Slim Sweatband is an extremely comfortable, light and thin headband that is great for cyclists who ride for hours every day. It’s good for mild to moderate work-outs, and should relieve sweat in the eyes. Workouts that are hard core or workouts in extreme heat will reduce the effectiveness of the sweat band.

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Halo Headbands (slim 1-Inch version) Review
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Halo Headbands (slim 1-Inch version) Review
Halo technology in a slim headband. One of the coolest sweatbands on the market. Read our review here.
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