French Fitness Revolution Headbands Review

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  • Thin and comfy
  • Perfect for Yoga


  • Not as absorbent, but doesn't have to be
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

Working out is excellent for our bodies and one way to ensure that our workout sessions are smooth and efficient is by having the right tools and wearing comfortable gears as well. It is annoying to keep on putting your activities on hold so you can wipe off the sweat dripping off your face or rather to keep on pulling your hair back. Well, to avoid this you need a headband that is absorbent and comfortable to wear. So if you want a reliable headband that you can use to keep you dry when working out and during your normal activities or hold your hair back while working consider buying French Fitness Revolution Yoga headband.

High Absorbency

When working out or performing vigorous activities such as running or playing other sports one tends to sweat a lot. The headband fits well on the head, and since it is made of the soft elastic material, it absorbs all the sweat and keeps you dry. So use it when running, playing tennis or at the gym. Another reason as to why I would recommend this particular head band this particular head band is the fact that it keeps your head cool and dry such that you can go on and on working out without getting sweat distraction or feeling itchy.


As I said, earlier comfort is a key factor to keep in mind when it comes to exercising. You require a band that not only fits perfectly on your head but it should also be made of soft material that does not cause you to itch when you sweat around the head. The headband is also designed in different colors and shapes such that you can wear it to go to the grocery stores, or taking your kids to the park. It keeps your hair intact, and if you are having a bad hair day, well no one will notice it at all. This kind of headband is versatile such that if you need a band that will help you hold your hair back while working at home for example, in the garden, then this is the best option to choose from. You can wear the band during the extreme weather conditions since it keeps you warm during the cold weathers and also keeps you protected from the direct sunlight rays.

Durable During Light Workouts

Who wants to keep on going to shop for a new work out headband all the time? This particular headband is elastic and stretches to fit well to your head hence retaining its original texture.Worried about cleaning? Well, this band is efficient you can either hand wash it or opt for machine wash as the material is of high-quality and has high resistance power. I bought this headband for my wife, and after washing it using both methods, the fabric did not stretch or change its original color.

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I would recommend this headband for the people who are involved in various sports and activities such as playing tennis, hiking, swimming, basketball and also for those who are involved in athletics such as running among others. This is because not only does the gear absorb sweat, and give you comfort, it also holds the hair backward enabling you to work well without getting distracted. It is also versatile, and you can wear it to any occasion too.

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French Fitness Revolution Headbands Review
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French Fitness Revolution Headbands Review
French Fitness has come up with a truly amazing yoga headband. Read our review here.
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