Why Do Tennis Players Wear a Wristband?

No doubt, tennis is one of the most beloved sports in the world. There is glamour, thrill, and a beautiful chaos that paves it way towards millions of fans. Unlike other games, fortunately, tennis is just not about the game. Players like Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Maria Sharpova and Martina Hingis have given us ultimate style goals.

Even though Wimbledon dress code is one of the strictest with no colors except white, we love it. With a proper uniform, there are sweatbands to avoid any sweat distraction. Tennis legend Fred Perry was the first player to wear wristbands.

Here we are going to discuss how sweatbands help tennis players maintain attention:

  • Absorb Palm Sweat

Tennis is a vigorous game that needs hard efforts with full spirit. While striking the ball with a racket, you need plenty of energy and speed. Also, for additional practices, one has to maneuver around the court, from running to jumping to stretching, which causes a lot of sweat. The wristband helps in soaking the sweat allowing the player to focus on the game.

  • Wipe Forehead Sweat

No matter how less you sweat, being on field causes you to sweat. A wristband is used to wipe off the sweat from forehead and prevents those salty drops fall into eyes. Well, a headband is also the option, but one must consider wristbands as they are more effective in wiping the sweat manually.

  • Augmentation

In tennis, the body endures intense activity, and one of the most affected part is the wrist. Each strike and backhand movements forms plenty of stress around the articulatio radiocarpea. Articulatio is a body’s part having carpal bones and that squares measure eight bones figures out the skeletal section of the hand. Wearing a wristband will provide optimal support to the wrist, preventing any sort of strain.

  • Keeps you up in Style

Along with being highly functional, wristbands are considered fashionable too. Companies nowadays, are using silicone wristbands for promotions and advertisements and have created their way into the lucrative sector. These wristbands are available at low-costs that lead to sales in large quantities. So, those who want to stay up in the fashion game while protecting their wrist, this is a good choice.

  • Awareness for a Cause

Companies understand the need for wristbands for players and thus, they have added fundraising factor to it. For instance, articulatio radiocarpea bands are designed with pink for awareness of carcinoma. Two prominent players Venus and Serena Williams wore them once where these bands captured the attention of the media throughout the match.

Sweaty arms, palms, and wrists are a big no for tennis players! If a player sweats a lot, it is recommendable to wear a band that possesses high-quality of the absorbent. Browse through sites like Amazon and you will get your choice of sweatband.

All the reason to have a Gucci headband in your closet!

Gucci’s steaming success continues! Eventually one can find the brand everywhere when it comes to luxurious clothing and accessories. The fashion giant has conquered every bit of the clothing world, including that of headbands. We recently came across the most praised Gucci headbands. The old world charm that comes with is unbeatable, leaving us mesmerized by the comfort and beauty it offers.

Even if you have the slightest of athlete gene in you, a headband has to be there in your closet. And, what can be better than a headband from Gucci itself. However, if want to be sure about the purchase, here we have a detailed review of the headband.

Retro-inspired Sportswear

We have seen many headbands, but this one is something to long for. The first time we saw it, was on the Fall Winter 2017 Runway. Taking direct inspiration from the comfortable sportswear of the 80s, Gucci designed this white elastic headband.

It featured a GUCCI print on it, allowing it to have a ravishing vintage effect. The print is in black, which makes it work with a number of outfits. 18% spandex used in this sweatband ensures a comfortable stay for hours. Go running, jogging, or any sort of the sport without the sign of discomfort.

Absorbs Every Bit of Sweat

Unlike any cotton  or terry headband, this Gucci one is light, soft, and ultra-comfortable. You can wear it for hours without coming across dripping sweat and dampness. We have seen people choosing for either 100% cotton or terry cloth, but none work like that a combination of polyester, cotton, and spandex.

It pushes the moisture from the surface of the fabric and let it stay dry for hours. This is especially handy in situations where you have to stay in the field for long hours.

Unparalleled Durability

With a renowned reputation for creativity, Gucci also has a thing for durability. Wash it lightly and let it dry on its own for a longer life. It won’t stretch, neither will it fade no matter how many times you wear it or wash it. Do not use petroleum-based cleaners and for drying press a cool iron at its back.


Having a Gucci headband in your closet might be the game changer for your athletic life. We found it ultra-comfortable and because it Gucci you cannot doubt the sense of style it offers. Buy it without any second thought for a confident day in the field.


CoolMax Fabric how does it Work?

CoolMax is a fabric used mostly for athletic wear. These fabrics are a blend of Polyester fibers that intends to improve breathability in the garments. In comparison to natural fibers, these fibers have increased breathability, sweat absorbing capacity, and dries fast. World’s largest integrated fiber, resin, and intermediates company Invista developed CoolMax in the year 1986.

Initially, the goal of the company was to develop something that can aid in extreme physical exercise of athletes. Seeing its multiple sides, companies started using it in other garments too.  The sports section is the most benefited one by the introduction of this fabric.

Manufacturers combine the CoolMax fabric with an array of clothing, including Spandex, Tencel, Wool, and Cotton to provide the optimal results. You can find mountain climbing clothes, sportswear, as well as underwear with CoolMax fabric these days. Some of the companies have also started utilizing it in the bedding fabrics and casual street wear.

So, why it is that you should look for CoolMax Fabric while shopping for your sportswear? Not one or two, there are many benefits of having a CoolMax fabric gymwear and some of them are here below:

Some of the popular CoolMax fabric features are:

  •         Lightweight
  •         Soft on skin
  •         Wicks moisture away quickly
  •         Durable
  •         Light compression and support
  •         Dries fast
  •         Resistant to fading, shrinking and wrinkling

How does it work?

The CoolMax fibers are oblong shaped in cross-section. There are grooves running lengthwise along the threads that allow moisture to be drawn away quickly from the skin.  These fabrics comes either in hexa-channel or tetra-channel style, which adds a wider evaporation rate. The entire idea of this fabric is to keep you cool, dry,  and fresh.

When you wear a cloth with CoolMax Fabric in it, you can be sweat-free for longer hours and even the comfort level is unbeatable.

Ditch those Sweaty Palms with the Suddora Pink Wristband Pair

Sweatband becomes necessary to you just the moment you step afoot for a filed job. However, it’s not always easy to get a sweatband that serves all your expectations. Thankfully, we have the Suddora wristbands on our list.

Ever since 2009, Suddora has been known for its sweatbands. Compare it to any other sweatbands on the market and it comes out with flying colors both in terms of fit and comfort.  So, let’s see what makes these wristbands a clear perfection:

Thick and highly absorbent material

The  is highly absorbent and thick. The high-quality cotton terry cloth sweatband is made with a focus on material and the versatility of usage. No matter how much you sweat, you will no longer lose the grip of rackets or bats.

Induced with maximum possible breathability, these wristbands will remain dry even after the longest sessions of sweaty workouts. However you should not assume its dryness as an excuse to avoid hygiene routine. Wash it ever now and then to avoid any sort of skin problem.

Unbeatable Comfort Level

The company claims its material composition to be 80% Cotton, 12% Spandex, and 8% Nylon. While cotton elevates comfort level giving a soft feel to the skin, the Spandex material infuses flexibility.

3 inches in height, you can consider it to be the ideal wristband that covers just the required portion of the wrist. Whether you have the thinnest wrist or a healthy one, it will fit all without any sign of slipping.

Also, these bands are the most popular breast cancer accessory, so if you want to spread awareness regarding breast cancer, you must go for it.

Will last for years

These sweatbands are available in three beautiful color options – Pink, Black, and White. The Pink one is specially used for cancer awareness programs.  Yes, along with using it during workouts or field games, it can also be worn at several events like fundraisers and community get together. For us, it was just the right product for supporting cancer awareness programs that even has a great life.

By buying this wristband, you are also getting involved in charity as a good sum of its price is donated to cancer charities. And, it’s never late to get involved in some charity, so be a part of the Suddora awareness team by buying one of these versatile sweatbands.


We received the product in a nice packaging and it lived by its standards very well. However, there were no washing instructions for it, so we chose to hand wash it every now and then. Even after 3-5 washes, there was no sign of shrinking or fading, which is a relief. The ulterior motive behind this sports accessory is supporting cancer awareness that definitely makes it the best buy of the season.

Suddora Pink Ribbon Headbands for Hours of Sweat-free Exercise

If you are into sports the worst things that you would have encountered is a slipping sweatband. Sweatbands are meant to take care of hairs while you indulge in hardcore activities. They are also known for their sweat-wicking properties, unfortunately, not all sweatbands live by the general standards.

Makings sure that your performance doesn’t get affected due to the wrong sort of sweatbands; here we are reviewing one of the best sweatbands. If you are looking for a headband to make your workout go hassle-free, then there is no better thing than Suddora Pink Ribbon Headbands. Along with a stylish look it is clubbed with all the major properties of a sweatband.

Excellent Sweat Absorber

The Suddora headbands are great for preventing sweat from running down your face while you are running or jogging. It comes in the width of 7 inches x 2 1/2 inches, which works quite fantastically for even longer hairs.

Some people find it thick and bulky because of its terry cloth, but it’s the fabric only that keeps your eyes and neck dry even after hours of exercise.

Comfortable Enough for Hours of Use

Comfort is never to be questioned with the Suddora sweatbands. Just like the other pieces, even its headband works wonder. Even though it seems bulky, you won’t feel a thing on your head.

Unlike other sweatbands it’s not just cotton, but the blend of spandex and nylon too. This combination of fabric offers great stretchability, allowing it to fit every head size.

Highly -durable

The headband includes 12% spandex, 8% nylon, and 80% cotton, which make it durable than so many other sweatbands. You can wear Suddora Pink Ribbon Headband for the whole day as it is relaxing and soft to support your head in a comfortable manner.

Even the color options with this sweatband are amazing. There are 20 color options and you can always find the one that goes with your gym attire.


There are so many good things about this sweatband that you just have to purchase it. And, if you don’t find these reasons sufficient, buy it for breast cancer charity. Yes, the sweatband comes with breast cancer awareness logo, which makes it the perfect purchase for fundraisers, events, and even football games. Buy it a small part of its price is given in cancer charities.

Suddora Breast Cancer Sweatband Set: Buy the Complete Pack for Your Workout

If you are working out regularly, trying to achieve a certain goal, don’t let yourself lack in any way. One of the few hindrances that you will face during your workout routine is sweat. Only a sweatband can keep those little annoyances away. Here, we are taking particularly about this Suddora Sweatband Set.

The sweatband comes in the set of three, including one headband and two wristbands. Just add the sweatband set to your gym bag and the next time you are working out, there won’t be any sweat nuisance. So, let’s see, what’s so special about these headbands and wristbands.

Absorbent Material

Each gear from Suddora is known for its fantastic support for athletes. This set of three sweatbands is made from an amalgamation of Cotton, Spandex, and Nylon. Maximum possible breathability has been infused into this sweatband, keeping you sweat free most of the time.

All the three of the sweatbands pride themselves with athletic grade flexibility. No matter what sort of activity you are into, football, tennis, cricket, or yoga, the band will stay put in its place.

Unrivaled Comfort

Unrivaled among sweatbands that stays in place, the sweatband is also one of its kinds when it comes to counting comfort. Wearing this pink neon headband, you will hardly feel any presence. Its overall weight is less than 1.6 ounce, which is why it is widely recommended for cycling and basketball.

As the Suddora sweatband contains a portion of spandex in it, it will stretch to almost any size. Available in 15 different colors, this sweatband can be bought for yourself as well as the entire team.

Durability is boundless

Due to the spandex material used in it, this sweatband won’t become over-stretched even after multiple usages. There has been no complaint about straining or fading too.

The best part about this sweatband is – because it wears the breast cancer awareness logo, a portion of it will be donated to charity. So, but it for your workout routines or an event focusing on cancer awareness, the choice is completely yours.


Considering the overall quality of the sweatband and the color options you get with it, this is definitely a worthy purchase. Coming with an absorbent material, it won’t even overstretch, so there is hardly anything to think about.

ActiveGear Waist Belt: An Easy Way to Lose your Weight     

Everybody despises a slim and toned body, but not all have the secret for achieving it. A majority of the population today are in sitting jobs that requires being in front of a computer for an entire day or even night. It is, therefore, essential to have a fitness alternative that can be added to one’s routine without requiring any superfluous efforts. Slimming belts are just the perfect option for such people.

While there are so many options in the market, the ActiveGear waist trimmer belt for men and women is one product that shines in the slimming belts segment. This premium training belt is custom engineered to aid people in their weight loss journey by optimizing the metabolism rate and removing excess belly fat.

Today we are going to take an in-depth look into this new fitness gear:  

Comfortable and Supports Lower Back

The belt is available in two sizes, a medium size that is 8″ wide and 42″ long and a large size that is 9″ wide and 46″ long. These are suitable for waist sizes up to 46″ and 52″ for medium and large range respectively. So, you can easily find a good fit for yourself.

The trimmer belt is meant to guard and support your back and abdomen against strain and damage during workouts. It is also wide enough to cover the stomach, giving it a perfect fit and better comfort.

Each of these belts keep hold of optimal body temperature in the abdominal area while you are walking, running, lifting weights, cycling and exercising.

Lose your weight in weeks

And here comes the best part of this product; it actually works!! The tummy tucker wrap design increases the body heat making you perspire at the tummy and abdomen area. Use it while exercising and you will see the results within a couple of weeks itself.

Thanks to its design and comfort, it can be worn the whole day. Plus, the fabric absorbs any sweat that you release during the workout.  All in all, this is one fitness gear that you should add to your collection of workout equipment today!

Extremely Durable Material

ActiveGear is a company dedicated to bringing the best in fitness accessories. Unlike those those cheap terry materials, the ActiveGear waist trimmer belt is made up of qualitative and durable material

The premium materials and design make this belt long-lasting and comfortable. And, its moisture repelling neoprene material and special anti-slip flex design fends off sweat, ensuring there is no bacteria build-up or unwanted odors.


The lightweight material prevents heat stroke and easily hides under the t-shirt. If the product doesn’t live up to your expectations, there is a 100-percent refund. Plus, you get a lifetime warranty against workmanship and manufacturer’s defects.


Fitru Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt: How it can help you Lose Weight

Who doesn’t want to look slim and fit? We contribute a lot of time on the internet opting for the right weight loss solution. What if we tell you that there is a solution that can offer fitness, without killing a lot of time? We are talking about waist trimmers that can help you shed those extra pounds a lot quickly.

However, there are number of options available in the market that might leave you confused with the choices to make. To make the hunt easy, here we are reviewing the Fitru Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt! Know about its durability, absorption, and comfort level here:


No matter, whether you are exercising or sitting idle, the slim belt is designed to build abs in every condition. It ensures superior heat insulation, helping you lose water weight by maximizing calorie burn.

Easy to use, the belt is wrapped around your waist enhancing thermogenic sweat and activity. You will begin water loss and then the right combination of food, exercise, and the belt will take you to actual fat burn.


The weight loss Ab belt is made from very light weight materials that even supports your abdominal and lower back muscles. This further improves your posture and relieves minor pain.

We also liked its anti-slip grid technology on the interior surface that prevents the belt from bunching, slipping, and moving.  As the fabric dries very quickly, you don’t even have to worry about sweat and germ build-up.

For those who have certain type of skin allergies, there is a brief warning on the web page that you must read.


While other sweatbands seem to fall apart after few weeks of use, this one here isn’t going anywhere for a few years. Designed with high-quality thick-free neoprene, these sweatbands are double stitched too.

There is strong fastener attached to this sweatband that won’t come undone even when you are doing the most hard-core activities. The washing and maintenance instruction, with this product is quite clear and it’s something most of the sweatbands lack.


If you are planning to reduce your fat soon, then Fitru Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt is the best choice to get slim quickly. You don’t need to put much effort, just spend within your budget and see the difference.

Spread Breast Cancer Awareness with Bulk Suddora Pink Ribbon Sweatbands

Give your best with the Bulk Suddora Pink Ribbon Sweatbands! We came across this beautiful set of sweatbands, during our quest for some high-quality wristbands. Whether you are in gymnastics or basketball, all you need is something that can control the never-stopping sweat. The Suddora sweatbands can be one excellent choice in that case.

Popular as pink breast cancer accessory, it supports events such as fundraisers, football, and more. Plus, it is durable, has good absorption level, and even the comfort is unbeatable. Let’s take a look at the forever popular Suddora wristbands.

Pro Sweat Absorber

Suddora Pink Ribbon Sweatband is just the thing to absorb sweat in a large volume. Run as far as you can! Sweat as much as you can, its fabric will absorb all the sweat, without leaving the fabric damp.

As it is terrycloth wristband, some might find it a little thick, but it’s for this fabric only that the sweatband performs so well. It is non-allergic too, so, you don’t have to worry about rashes or germ build-up.

Wear it for hours without a sign of uneasiness

Designed with high-quality material, the sweatband is a combination of 12% Spandex, 80% cotton, and 8% Nylon. A well-thought combination of fabric offers excellent heat-resistance and stretchability.

The unique design for the wrist provides the best protection for your wrist and prevents excessive pressure. For those who are into the habit of straining their wrists, the Suddora sweatbands are the most viable option.


Your hard workouts will remain continued, no matter, how many times, you have washed it. There is no chance of staining or shrinking as it is for sports-persons from basic schools to international level.

You can buy it online in different colors like black, white, and pink. At last, why we are so excited about this sweatband is because of the charity idea behind it. The embellishment on the sweatband promotes breast cancer awareness and a part of its sales is donated to cancer causes.


So, opt for any game, this 24 pack single wristbands has all the features to let you go unstoppable and hit your goals even on a super hot day. Buy it for games, events, or fundraisers, it’s a multi-purpose band and is worth investing in.

Lose those Stubborn Fat with the Lhotsee Waist Trimmer

According to a recent survey, an average American carries 30 billion fat cells. The shocking part here is, most of these fat accumulates around the abdominal area, which is just at a little distance from the heart. So, you need to get rid of this fat as soon as possible. To help you out, we have the Lhotsee Waist Trimmer Ab Belt.

Fat burning belts are known for its ability to help in weight loss, especially the water weight. The same goes for the Lhotsee Waist Trimmer Ab Belt, it will help you lose your water weight in the easiest way possible.

Eco-friendly material with a unique design

The Lhotsee waist trimmer is manufactured using a breathable and non-toxic material. You can wear it for all sorts of outdoor activities without worrying about the sweat and moisture.

The trimmer is specially designed for repelling moisture and sweat. There is no bad odor associated with this sweatband, even after long hours of usage. No rashes or skin irritation would be observed. 

Lose weight within days

The waist trimmer helps you burn calories and lose weight within days of using. You will suddenly see an improvement in the body posture. The core muscle will be strengthened and any sort of injuries will be prevented on a long run.

Given that the length is adjustable, you can fit it around your waist in any way you want. Small, medium or large, every size is a bit wide from the ordinary sweatbands, giving a full coverage to the abdominal area. The anti-pilling finish and non-slip grid lining make sure that it won’t slip.

Highly Durable

Along with aiding in the weight loss program, this stomach sweatband also cares for your muscles when you are lifting heavy weights. The product comes with a  no-hassle guarantee, which guarantees the durability of the belt.

The only downside of the belt is that slim people might find it a little wide. Else it’s just fine. Almost no maintenance is associated with this product. from time to time you just have to wipe it a little with a wet clothe.


For us, it was real fun to use this belt. It works more on reducing the appearance of belly fat. Those who are into heavy lifting will also find a great support for their back in it. Go ahead and buy this multi-purpose belt without any second thought.