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(Last Updated On: January 4, 2020)

Under Armour started in high quality athletic compression apparel. The company quickly moved on to other sports product categories. One of those is sweatbands. They make quality sports headbands and wristbands. The product development team at UA know what athletes want out of sweat apparel which explains why they have some of the best moisture-wicking, breathable sweatbands on the market.

UA Performance Headband

UA performance headbandsThe performance headbands is made of 100% Synthetic Polyester. This material is ultra soft and will feel lightweight on your skin. Since the materialis a little bit more sensitive than others, UA recommends that you hand wash the sweatband. The band is elastic and is one size fits all.

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UA Performance Wristband (3 Inch)

Under Armour Performance Wristbands - 3 InchThe 3″ performance wristband pair is made of 96% polyester and 4% rubber. Like Nike, UA uses rubber to give the bands a tighter fit and increase absorption. To most people it is harmless but it may irritate the skin on some. The wristbands come loaded with Under Armour’s Moisture Transport System, which is a high quality sweat tech that will keep sweat out off of your hands.

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UA Performance Armband (6 inch)

UA Performance Armband - 6 inchUnder Armour’s double-wide wristband (armband) is 6 inches in length and it the perfect sweatband to use to wipe off your brow / forehead. It is made out of the same material as the wristbands above. Though many people wear just one band at a time, these are sold in pairs. This means the shelf life is even longer. Sold in a variety of colors including white, black, blue, red and navy.

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UA Sweat Diverter Headband

Under Armour Sweat Diverter HeadbandUA went all out with their Sweat Diverter Headbands. They are a bit thinner and are marketed as women’s headbands. In reality they will work just fine for men as well. It is actually a shame that many men will pass up on this super high quality headband because they are marketed toward women! The headbands come in 5 different colors. They are very lightweight but extremely effective. Like some of UA’s other sweat products they come with their proprietary Moisture Transport System. This helps you beat sweat before it beats you! Since the headband ties in the back and is elastic, it does not lose its shape easily. The material breakdown is 85% Polyester and 15% Elastane – a powerful combination for comfort and durability.

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UA Jacquard Headband

UA Jacquard HeadbandThe Jacquard Headband by UA comes with HeatGear technology. This is marketed as keeping your work outs cool, dry and distraction free. Since the material is different, this sweat tech works slightly different than the Moisture Transport System. The two technologies solve the same problem. This sweatband is thin and elastic, so one-size-fits-all. The 7 cat-like color combos will interest your fashion sense. Maybe this sweatband should have been called the Jaguar instead?

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Best Under Armour Sweatbands
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Best Under Armour Sweatbands
Under Armour started with compression but they have expanded to many product lines. One of those is their sweatbands. They offer both headbands and wristbands in a unique quality that rivals Nike, Suddora and Adidas.
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