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(Last Updated On: June 24, 2021)

Suddora is a brand that started nearly a decade ago with a focus on quality. Besides being one of the best sweatband companies in the game, what really sets them a part is the color options you have. No sweatband company has been crazy enough to carry this many colors. They have both solid and striped options. They also have a variety of different size options including, 1″, 3″, 4″, and 6″ bands to cover all your needs.

1. Suddora Sports Headbands

The Suddora head sweatbands are available in over 20 different colors. They are made of 80% Cotton, 12% Spandex and 8% Nylon. This material mix makes for a very durable, yet comfortable sweatband. Most of their bands are made of the same type of material. The size of the headbands are 7 x 2 Inches. The sweatbands don’t have any specific sweat technology like brands like Halo. The sweatbands are so highly rated though it makes one wonder if there is more to the sweatbands than just the simple material mix of cotton, spandex and nylon. Many people buy the Suddora headbands simply because you can find them in a color or pattern that match your team uniform. Let’s face it, some colors are hard to find at your local Walmart or sporting goods store. They normally only carry black and white. These headbands are most commonly used by runners, basketball players and tennis players.

2. Suddora Wrist Sweatbands

Suddora wrist sweatbandsSuddora sports wristbands have just as many color options as their headbands. You can even buy 2 wristbands and 1 headband in a set to save money. The wristbands are perfect for soaking up sweat on your forehead. Its like a towel on your wrist. It is also commonly known that the Suddora bands are so absorbent that they stop sweat from getting to your hands. Many baseball and football players use the wrist sweatbands for this reason and also for stabilization. However, it is not idea to use these for sprains as it will not create enough stabilization.

3. Suddora Red White & Blue Headbands

Suddora Red White and Blue

These patriotic striped headbands are maybe one of the most popular styles Suddora offers. If you are American, they are perfect for the Forth of July.  It doesn’t stop there though – those 3 colors are used to represent many countries including France and the Netherlands. This is also a very retro style sweatband. It  might show up during a Globetrotters basketball game or your next 80s themed party.

More Options

Unlike many companies you will read about here, Suddora started primarily as a sweatband company and then moved into other products. They sell a lot of different types of sweatbands that would be impossible to cover here. It is literally in the hundreds. View our rating of the Suddora brand below.

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Best Suddora Sweatbands
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