Best Sports Headbands

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2020)

Sports headbands come in so many different styles. It can be hard to distill which exactly is the best for what athletic scenario you are engaging in. For example, one headband might be perfect for basketball but horrible for yoga. 

After testing the quality of over 70 headbands, the below headbands are the 5 best we have found. We rate them the same way we do all of our sweatbands, on 3 specific traits – Absorbance, Durability and Comfort.

1. Suddora Headband

Suddora Headband

The soft, durable fabric is specially designed for maximum sweat absorption to keep you dry. The headband is comfortable to wear, fits the head perfectly, and has a natural, lightweight feel to it. It is the most appropriate sweatband choice for outdoor activities such as running, working-out, cycling, and others.

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2. Nike Premier

Nike Premier Headband

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Nike Premier headband is an attractive fitness accessory. Delivering the best in comfort and utility, the sweatband keeps the sweat from running into your eyes. Even while performing high intensity body workout, you won’t feel sticky hairs on the face. The fabric is durable, breathable and comes in a reversible design.

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3. Adidas Tennis Tie II Hairband

Adidas tennis tie 2 hairband

The Adidas Tennis Tie 2 is manufactured for a custom fit. The merchandise features special ClimaLite technology to keep the fabric dry, regardless of how much one sweats. The non-slip, absorbent and resistant material of the headband makes it ideal for use especially for those with long hair. It is convenient for use while biking, playing tennis, squash, running, hiking, and a lot more.

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4. Under Armour Performance

UA performance headbands

Sweat can’t get past this Under Armour Performance headband. Absorbency is excellent, and the quality of the multi-layered fabric is superior. It is best suited for people who sweat too much while performing physical workouts. It is long-lasting, and holds well against wear and tear. It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time without getting wet.

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5. Halo Tie Headband

Halo tie headband

Available in 23 colors, the stylish Halo Tie is a lightweight and thinner than others because of its neoprene material. It has good absorbency and due to its sleek design, it dries off rapidly. This sweatband is best-suited for low intensity physical activities like cycling, etc.

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Different kinds of headbands serve different kinds of functions based upon their design. Select the one that fits your demands and, of course, your head, the best.

Best Sports Headbands
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Best Sports Headbands
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