Best Running Headbands

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2020)

Whether you are a marathon runner or a daily jogger, sweat apparel is essential. After testing a ton of headbands that claim to be the best for runners only 4 made the list.

1. Headsweats Supervisor Sun Visor

HeadSweats Supervisor Sun Visor

The Headsweats Supervisor Sun Visor keeps both the sunrays and sweat out of the eyes. You can use the product for biking, jogging, running, as well as hiking. Its one-size-fits-all technology is suitable for every head size. The cozy design and 100% polyester offers comfort without putting pressure on the scalp. 25 color options are available there to choose from, which makes it easy to pair with your outfit. A great choice altogether!

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2. Nike Fury

Nike Fury Headband

The silicone and high spandex content of Nike Fury gives a super comfortable fit to the sweatband. With a total relaxed opening of 44 cm, this sweatband is considered good for most of the head sizes. Breathability can be of little concern here, but if you are not an ultra sweater, it won’t be a problem. Plus, it’s super lightweight and thin to come directly under the hat. So, wear it alone or under the hat, it suits all.

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3. Suddora Headband

Suddora neon headbands

Looking for a nice color sweatband? The Suddora headbands are an epic choice. The brand gives an assortment of color options, plus, you are not going to lose the quality any time soon. They are also lightweight and comfortable to fit most of the head sizes. Last but not the least, these bands are excellent sweat absorber.

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4. Halo Protex

Halo protex headband

The tie-back sweatband is patented with SweatBlock seal, which makes it super comfortable for those who sweat a lot. Credited with 4-way stretch micro-mesh top, it stays dry (even after absorbing the sweat completely). Tie it down and it securely stays on the head even during the most strenuous activities.

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5. Nike Premier

Nike Premier Headband

When in the field, a multi-layer solution is what you need. This reversible version of Nike Premier is a super functional product for men. You won’t get many color options, but the comfort is worth trying for. Wear it and you won’t be bothered by its existence. Also, it’s a great sweat absorber, so it’s like you get a complete package.

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Best Running Headbands
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Best Running Headbands
Whether you are a marathoner or a daily jogger, sweatbands are important. Here are the 5 best running sweatbands, unbiased and honest.
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