Best Nike Sweatbands

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2020)

Nike needs no introduction. You already know the brand. The best athletes in the world rely on the quality and branding of Nike. One of Nike’s overlooked product lines are their sweatbands. They offer their own sweat technology called DRI-FIT. You have probably heard of it because they make many of their active apparel products with it built in. They recently designed  DRI-FIT armbands. This is great sweat stopping tech! View the best Nike headbands, wristbands and armbands below.

Nike Swoosh Wristbands

nike swoosh wristbandWhat sets many of Nike’s wristbands and headbands apart from others is they have a small amount of rubber in them. In the case of the wristbands (sold as pairs), they have 3% rubber. The reasoning behind adding rubber as material along side cotton, nylon and spandex is thought to be for durability. These wristbands really snap to your skin. They fit well. They aren’t quite as comfortable as a brand like Suddora but they do have the swoosh on them!

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Nike Swoosh Headband

nike swoosh headbandThe Swoosh headband has slightly more rubber in it than the wristbands. 5% to be exact. This gives it a nice elastic fit around your head. These are 2 inches wide and are super lightweight. These type of headbands are perfect for basketball. Since the band is made of stretchy material, the sizing is one size fits most.

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Nike DRI-FIT Armbands

Nike dri-fit armband pairNike’s line of DRI-FIT apparel products is growing daily. These double-wide wristbands, called armbands by most, are awesome for tennis. They work well for other sports as well but the longer style suites tennis players well since it stops sweat before it reaches the hand. No more racquets slips! The longer style is also good for basketball players to wipe sweat off of their head during the game. Sports headbands might suite the player better, but not everyone likes wearing one for stylistic reasons.

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Nike Fury Headbands

Nike Fury HeadbandThe Fury headband 2.0 made this list because it is so comfortable. The material, which is made up of nylon, polyester and spandex, is super soft. It feels like a nice little sweat pillow sitting on top of your head. The headband is lightweight and also one size fits all. It is available in a few different colors – black, white and blue. White is the most popular color.

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Nike Premier Headbands (Home & Away)

Nike Premier HeadbandThey call it the “home and away” headband because this sweatband is completely reversible. Makes it awesome for deciding teams or changing up your style. Made for basketball players but also used my runners as well. This is also made with the patented DRI-FIT material Nike is famous for. It comes in a pink color as well.

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Best Nike Sweatbands
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