Best HeadSweats Sweatbands

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2020)

HeadSweats specializes in selling high end hats and visors. They are not so much known for their headbands. In fact, many would agree there headbands are not the best quality like a Suddora or Under Armour. Why include them here? The answer is because HeadSweats has the best sweat technology within their hats, visors and head wraps. They each include cool performance fabric that really beats almost everyone when it comes to absorbing sweat.

Headsweats Supervisor Sun Visor

HeadSweats Supervisor Sun VisorThe Supervisor Sun Visor is made out of Eventure Polyester Fabric, which is why this visor made the list. The fabric is very breathable, yet comfortable when compared to other materials. Not everyone likes a visor, but this product just might make you want to switch. The visors dry quick and are machine washable. They will not fall apart like other cheaper visors. Durability is why HeadSweats has stood the test of time against many other big visor competitors.

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Headsweats Eventure Classic Head Wrap

HeadSweats Eventure Classic Head WrapThis head wrap is perfect to wear under your bike helmet. It is made of high end performance fiber fabric. The material can keep you cool on hot days and warm on cold days. The wrap is durable and can be used for other sports besides cycling. Many runners,  football players and basketball players wear it as well. We bet that most athletes don’t even know how much the HeadSweats Eventure could benefit them because they are too busy paying attention to bigger brands like UA and Nike that do not specialize in sweat technology. This one could be a game changer for you!

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Headsweats Shorty Beanie and Helmet Liner

HeadSweats Shorty Beanie Helmet LinerThe Shorty Beanie is similar in style to the Eventure Head Wrap. It is made of a slightly different material. This helmet liner will keep sweat off your melon and keep your eyes on the game or road in front of you. The material is breathable and perfect for cyclist and runners.

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Headsweats Performance UltraTech Sports Headband

HeadSweats UltraTech HeadbandHeadSweats UltraTech sports headbands are different from just about any athletic sweatband on the market. How so? The material. They are made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. They almost feel silky on your head. This seems like it would be a bad material choice for the products purpose – absorption of sweat. The product is, however, more breathable than any other band.

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Headsweats Topless Headband

HeadSweats Topless HeadbandWhoa! Don’t get any ideas! Not topless like that! It is actually funny how HeadSweats must have came up with this name. Many of their products are hats or head caps. They must have thought the logical name for a sweatband like this would be “topless”. The Topless headband is super lightweight and can easily be transported. It’s polyester material make-up means that it is also very breathable and absorbent.

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Best HeadSweats Sweatbands
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Best HeadSweats Sweatbands
Headsweats is known for both visors and hats that house sweatbands. They have some cool sweat technology in each of them. View their best products here.
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