Best Headbands for Men

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2020)

Nearly all headbands are unisex. Still, we find that some work better for men and some work better for women. This list is the 5 headbands we found that work best for men. This list is for athletics. If you need a construction sweatband, check out our hard hat sweatbands.

1. Suddora Headband

Suddora Headband

Suddora comes with an exciting range of sweatbands, each of them ideal for athletes who want to give their best in the field. This sweatband here comes in eighteen color option, which is like a huge option for style enthusiasts. Made from 80% cotton, 12% Spandex, and 8% Nylon, it is one of the ultra comfy and durable headbands you will come across. It absorbs sweat like a champ and you will also get a huge discount on bulk orders.

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2. UA Performance

UA Performance Headband Navy

The UA Performance headband is made up of multi-channel performance fibers, which makes it one of the best sweat absorbent. The product is patented with moisture-wicking HeatGear, which makes it work like a high-quality towel. With 96% Polyester and 4% rubber, its elasticity is quite sturdy and comfortable. An incredible seam will keep the product intact for months. Both men and women can put it on, so, go and buy it without a second thought.

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3. Nike Swoosh

nike swoosh headband

From customer reviews, the Nike Swoosh rates 9 out of 10 from the sweat absorption perspective. With 99% guaranteed moisture absorption, this headband can be definitely recommended for high-end games. People with relatively larger head size might find it too tight for the head, else it’s a good fit and comfortable. With an excellent fabric composition, you will find it durable and low maintenance.

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4. Adidas Interval (Reversible)

Adidas reversible headband

The Adidas Interval comes with a reversible design, which makes it wearable for two different occasions. Its headband includes anti-microbial finish, along with the fabric composition of 75% cotton, 5% rubber, and 20% polyester. Even if you sweat vigorously, the emergence of odor-causing bacteria is not the case with this sweatband. Clubbed with super-soft material, the design is fantastic and worth buying. Also, you get a ton of color option with the sweatband.

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5. Halo II Pullover 

halo II headband

Mostly, it is difficult for sweatband companies to keep up with the different head sizes, but Halo II Pullover did the job quite well.  The band is designed to absorb sweat while keeping up the dryness and skin’s comfort. Available in 30 colors, the headband is suitable for both men and women. Compared to other thick sweatbands, it is breathable and comfy too.

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Best Headbands for Men
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