Best Hard Hat Sweatband

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2019)

Work in the heat all day? A hard hat sweatband can help you finally beat the heat and keep that disgusting sweat out of your eyes. By far, the best hard hat sweatband is the Occunomix Snap-On. Unlike other brands made for sports, it was made with construction and outdoor workers in mind. There are two other notable mentions. See our list below!

1. Occunomix Snap-On Hard Hat Sweatband

Occunomix Snap-On Hard Hat Sweatband

The best part about this headband is in the title. They snap on. So while you can go with a standard terrycloth sports headband, they are not going to stay put like these bad boys. The material is very absorbent and dries quickly. Most importantly, it keeps sweat off of your face. We know that you have a potentially dangerous job to do. Clear vision is the number one priority.

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2. NoSweat Hard Hat Sweatband

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3. SWEATSOpad® Hard Hat Sweatband

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Best Hard Hat Sweatband
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Best Hard Hat Sweatband
If you are working a construction job all day one of the most important accessories you can have under your hard hat is a good sweatband. Let us help you find the best, most absorbent option for your long days.
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