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(Last Updated On: January 4, 2020)

Halo, like Suddora, also started  their company with only sweatbands.  The company was founded by athletic people. They have a lot of experience with running, tennis and cycling. They were looking for quality sports headbands, which they could not seem to find. So, they did what any upstanding group of people would do, they created there own line of headbands and sweat stopping products. These products are top notch.

Halo II Headband Sweatband Pullover

This is the most popular Halo sweatband, by far. As stated in its name, it is a second rendition of the first halo headband. The band includes a patented SweatBlock Seal that re-directs sweat away from the eyes. It is made of a dryline fabric similar to the nike sweatbands, that absorbs sweat while drying quickly so your activity does not get disrupted. This headband is ideal for running and cycling.

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Halo Headband (1 inch) Sweatband Slim

Halo 1 inch headbandThe smaller Halo 1 inch headband is a great solution to stopping sweat under your helmet or hat. This is great for cyclist to wear while on a long ride. Golfers can even wear these bands under their visors or hats. It is advertised as being good for every sport or athletic activity but in many cases it is too small for those running or playing tennis.

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Halo Tie Headband Sweatband

Halo tie headbandLike all Halo headbands, their tie headband comes with the patented SweatBlock Seal. Since the headband ties it makes it much more appealing to tennis players and competes with some Nike and Adidas sweatbands. The claim from Halo is that the tie headband will not stretch or lose form but it would be hard to tell if it did since it does function with a tie. The headband is made for both Men and Women.

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Halo Protex

Halo protex headbandOn the surface the Halo Protex looks like the love child of a Halo II headband and a white mesh bandana. This makes for quite an interested products for runners and cyclist alike. Although it is a little thicker than the skull cap, it is much more absorbent as well. Some where it under their helmet others use it to protect their head from the sun. It has a tie in the back making it an easy fit.

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Halo Skull Cap

Halo skull capThe Halo Skull Cap is basically the Protex without the tie in the back. It slides on a little easier and you won’t have to worry about tying anything in the back. The product is also ideal for under the helmet or to protect from the scorching sun on hot day. It features 4-way micro mesh that feels very nice on your head. With this material and the SweatBlock strip, you will not have any sweat issues during your activity.

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Best Halo Sweatbands
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Best Halo Sweatbands
Halo is one of the best sweatband brands. They make high quality headbands for runners, cyclist and other athletes. View the list of the best Halo sweatbands here.
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