Best Arm Sweatbands

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2019)

Arm sweatbands are sometimes called double-wide wristbands. They are worn commonly on the forearm, but sometimes at the wrists.

They are popular in a variety of sports including basketball, tennis and baseball. Since they have more material they are can soak up more sweat than a normal sized cotton wristband. For these type of sweatbands there are only 3 products that made our “Best of” list.

1. Suddora Armbands (6 Inch)

Suddora 6 inch armband

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2. UA Performance Armbands

UA Performance Armband - 6 inch

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3. Nike DRI-FIT Armbands

Nike dri-fit armband pair

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Best Arm Sweatbands
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Best Arm Sweatbands
Armbands are sometimes called double-wide wristbands because of their length. They normally are worn on the forearm. Here's our list of the best arm sweatbands.
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