Best Adidas Sweatbands

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2020)

Adidas is a German brand and the Germans are known for their quality.  Adidas, like Nike, does not specialize in making sweatbands. The few that they do produce are great quality. Afterall, quality is the German way! They have very nice tie hairbands and double-wide wristband options.

Adidas Tennis Tie II Hairband

Adidas tennis tie 2 hairbandThe Tie II headband is made of 100% Polyester. The material feels super soft on your forehead. The band uses Adidas sweat technology which is called ClimaLite. This lightweight sweat tech will help you keep cool and keep the sweat away from your eyes. It’s two layer mesh has great ventilation, so you will not feel constricted.

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Adidas Interval Large Reversible Wristband

Adidas reversible armband100 % cotton and super absorbent. These reversible armbands are 5 inches long and can be worn in either black or grey! The long style in great for those running or playing tennis. The thick cotton / terrycloth material stops sweat in its tracks. So if you are a profuse sweater, these double-wide wristbands are for you!

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Adidas Interval Slim Headband

Adidas interval slim headbandAnother great addition to their Interval line, the Slim is one of the most lightweight sports headbands. How lightweight? Only 0.3 ounces. Once the headband is on you will not even feel it or remember you are wearing it. Comes in a variety of colors.

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Adidas Interval Reversible Wristband

Adidas reversible wristband pairAdidas clearly when all out when choosing the styles for this reversible band. There are 18 different color options. They seem to be adding new ones all the time too. This is one of the coolest looking wrist sweatbands because of the fact they are reversible and can match to nearly any athletic outfit you have.

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Adidas Interval Reversible Headband

Adidas reversible headbandGet the wider reversible headband to match with the wristbands above. These also come in tons of different color combos. Adidas is always very creative with their colors. You could have a different sports headband for every day of the week! The size is 7 x 2 inches. This is standard for most terrycloth sweatbands. The absorbance and comfort is top notch, living up to the Adidas brand name.

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Best Adidas Sweatbands
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Best Adidas Sweatbands
Adidas is an iconic brand with awesome sweatbands. They have great wristband and headbands for tennis players and runners.
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