Adidas Tennis Tie II Hairband Review

Adidas Tennis Tie II







  • Thin & elastic - Great fit!
  • Strong material, yet lightweight
  • ClimaLite technology


  • Only 2 Colors
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)


The Adidas Tennis Tie II is a hairband that all tennis players need when they are out in the field. Specially designed for the ladies, it can help to hold hair back so that it does not always fall on their face and disrupt the game. With this item, you will never have to stop a game because it fell off. Most importantly, however, is the fact that it features ClimaLite technology that ensures the product stays dry and fresh regardless of how much the user sweats. The integrated system of fabric technologies works impressively to regulate the body temperature of an athlete way better than a single fabric technology can.

The apparel conducts sweat and heat actively from the body with the help of moisture and heat dissipating materials. It helps sweat to evaporate so that you do not become wet. The three-dimensional fabrics and ventilation channels allow air to circulate efficiently near the skin. Note that it is made from 100% polyester. The embroidered Adidas logo at the center front makes it look hot and stylish.

Lightweight without Sacrificing Absorbance

With double layers mesh fabric, the incredible headband from Adidas presents increased ventilation. This works well with the moisture-wicking technology that facilitates the absorption of sweat pretty well. These sports headbands are highly beneficial particularly for the people who sweat tons.

Strong & Long Lasting

You cannot expect a reputable company like Adidas to present the market with a low-quality product. The superior product is very durable which means you do not have to think about wasting money buying the same product every month. It washes well and retains its original color and look for a very long time.

Super Comfortable

The “bandana” holds well on the head without feeling too tight allowing blood to flow well because it is thin and stretchy. It is also adjustable because it is a long piece of fabric that a person ties at the back which means that a person can hold it at the point that they are most comfortable with. Measurements read 2.5” by 38,” and it is effortless to tie giving a person the freedom to choose how loose or tight they will be.

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Adidas tennis tie white

Available in black and white the Adidas Tennis Tie II is the perfect accessory to down while sweating it out in the court. The hairband should not miss in any sportswoman apparel. It gives y professional look that blends in well with other Adidas sports outfits be it sneakers, shorts, or tracksuits, etc. It is only available in one size, but it is not a problem because it fits almost everyone. It is also useful when it comes to diverting sweat away from the eyes.

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It is multi-purpose which means that you must not only wear it when playing tennis, but you can also put in on when running or playing other sports and it will still work well delivering superior comfort and function. Bike riders particularly love them because they can place the straps in their ears when it is cold to make them warmer. The fact that it is made for women does not mean that men cannot wear it as a bandana if they so wish.

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Adidas Tennis Tie II Hairband Review
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Adidas Tennis Tie II Hairband Review
Introducing the perfect headband for tennis. The Adidas Tennis Tie 2.
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