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  • Very lightweight


  • Not as absorbent as other options
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

The Adidas Interval Slim Headband is a great choice for many sports activities and hobbies. It fits snug on the forehead and is slim in size. The headband prevents sweat from running into down the face and getting into the eyes. This product is beneficial when playing basketball, racquetball, biking, exercising, boxing, and many other recreational activities. The headband can be worn by both male and females. It is only about an inch wide in size, which helps prevent the band from sliding down the forehead. It allows you to stay active without being interrupted with sweat in the eyes. The product has a unique design with the Adidas logo embedded into it. It is helpful in providing sufficient comfort, absorbency, and durability with each use.

Small Style Still Soaks Up Sweat

Although less surface space, the headband has remarkable absorbency. It keeps the perspiration out of the eyes and does not allow it to run-down your face. The cotton and polyester material works wonderfully to catch wetness while staying dry. The rubber material is used to keep the headband snug on the forehead. This helps to prevent the sweat from seeping underneath the band. Absorbency is a beneficial option to have available. The product ensures that your eyes and face stay dry from sweat. This is one of the positive factors that this item continues to provide customers. People who buy this product rely on it to stop wetness. It has proven to be successful in absorption and keeping the eyes safe from irritation.

Lightweight and Comfortable

The comfort of the headband is important when wearing it for long periods of time. People who have used this product have positive reviews that reflect the comfort this headband offers. The cotton material is soft on the skin and does constrict and become uncomfortable. A headband needs to have constant comfort in order to ensure that it is effective. The Adidas headband is able to be worn without interruption or irritation because of the soft and comfy material it is made of. Users can wear it to keep the sweat out of the eyes and to keep the hair from blowing in the face. The fabric is extremely lightweight and you will forget you are wearing it. The lightweight band does not cause pressure or tightness around the head. A soft headband is a good product to use because it does not cause any soreness around the head. This comfortable headband will not make the skin feel itchy or irritated when wearing fit or long periods of time.

Snug & Durable Fit

The combination of material that is used is durable and strong. The durability provides a long-lasting headband that can handle the strenuous workout with everyday activities. It is able to be machine washed and will not fall apart after several washes. It is made to last and the durable material can handle extensive workout without losing strength. The headband will maintain its shape without losing elasticity. It can fit most head sizes because of the stretchy material that allows it to stretch. The headband fits snug to the head and is comfortable to wear. The material will not break down and reduce the durability that prevents perspiration from getting into the eyes. The durability is an important consideration when purchasing a headband. This item is known for its high-quality material and its durable strength. The headband will last and keep up with your active life.

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The Adidas Interval Slim Headband is a beneficial product to purchase. It has several qualities that make it a great choice for keeping sweat out of the eyes while on the move. It is a good workout headband that fits snug and is thin in size. The band is 21 inches and will fit most head sizes. It is a stretchy headband and wraps around the head comfortably without becoming loose. It will not cut off the circulation or cause pressure on the head while it is being worn. It is highly recommended as being comfortable without falling off of the forehead while interacting in activities. The product has provided positive results for comfort, durability, and absorption. It is rated a 10 due to the excellent benefits that it has to offer. The Adidas Headband is a resourceful product to buy and use for a variety of activities.

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Adidas Interval Slim Headband Review
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Adidas Interval Slim Headband Review
It's all in the name. This headband is one of Adidas's thinnest headbands. Its great for runners, joggers and all types of athletes. Read our full review.
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