Adidas Interval Reversible Wristband – Stop Sweat & Focus On Your Game

Adidas Interval Reversible Wristband









  • Amazing color selection
  • Durable and light


  • Quality feels cheap but matches with price
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

Many people question the usefulness of wristbands, but once you’ve got the Adidas Interval Reversible wristband on, you’ll never doubt again. These soft wristbands are as useful as your socks. Its improved cotton terry material is made to soak up your arm sweat while you’re active and on the go. The reversibility of the bands is made to go with home and away looks, but you can really just match them to your outfits if you’d like.

Superb absorbance

Since the wristband is made out of cotton terry, it can soak up a good amount of sweat. You might think it’ll get uncomfortable because of this, but the Adidas Interval is made with Climalite Moisture Wicking technology. This means that the wristband will keep the moisture away from your skin, which means it will not be sticking to your arm. They’re great quality, and they look great too.

Durable and light

Although this wristband feels lighter than most others in the market, it is as durable as wristbands could ever get. This could be because they also come thicker than most wristbands. They hold up even after constant washing, which is useful since you’ll be washing these constantly. The thick material is also very elastic with the combination of cotton, polyester, and rubber components. You’ll get 3 inches of coverage in each arm with a pair of wristbands.

Comfort like no other

Adidas reversible wristband in action

The lightness of the material makes it feel like you’re not even wearing any wristbands at all. This Adidas wristband is also lighter compared to other ones in the same brand. It feels good even on a really hot day. It stays put even with constant movement, so you won’t be constantly pulling them up either. They won’t move up or down. It also comes in 19 different reversible color combinations and fits just as expected. They don’t scratch or feel itchy in any way.

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Should You Buy? 

Overall, these wristbands are a strong product. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best, this Adidas Interval Reversible wristband ranks at a solid 9. It’s got everything you can ever want in a wristband, including the fact that it is reversible. One order is affordable and comes with two wristbands, so you can even get a couple to stack the bands. You can use these bands for any type of sports you play whether it’s basketball, football, or any other. You can also use the bands for working out or simply to protect your wrists in any way, and the wicking tech will guarantee that you’ll stay dry and comfortable throughout your activity.

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Adidas Interval Reversible Wristband Review
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