In-Depth Look at the Adidas Interval Large Reversible Wristband

Adidas Interval Large Reversible Wristband









  • Reversible style
  • Longer 5 inch style soaks up sweat
  • Mix and match colors


  • Material feels like its on the cheaper end
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

The Adidas Interval Large Reversible Wristband is a good product to use. It is a recommended product to use for different sports activities, recreational hobbies, and exercise. These particular wristbands are popular among the soccer players, football players, runners, and weightlifters. It works to keep the wrists warm in cooler temperatures. There are many benefits to enjoy when using Adidas Wristband. This product has several benefits that make it stand out among many of the other wristbands on the market. The main factors that are resourceful with this product are the absorbency, comfort, and durability. This product is reversible with its unique color scheme. The color options are black/white, blue/white, and black/gray.

Stay Dry

The Adidas wristband is made to handle sweat, perspiration, and wetness. It is used to wipe wetness off of the face and eyes while interacting in extracurricular activities. The material that the band is made out of is designed to stay completely dry. It is constructed to repel dampness and moisture when wearing the wristband. Consumers who have used this product have positive results with how well the band does not retain wetness. The material of the band is designed to soak up sweat for long periods of time. The reversible option offers more absorbency than the non-reversible bands. This type of band can be used for longer periods of time because both sides are able to be used. It stays dry while doing what it was intended to do.

Feels Cheap But Holds Up

The product is made for durability and strength. It is made out of 20% stretchable nylon and 80% cotton material for a convenient and cozy fit. The strong band will hold up under harsh conditions and can keep up with your busy routine and activities. It is constructed to last with regular everyday use. The cotton stretchy material is lightweight and slim but provides added security to the wrists. It is machine washable and will not fall apart the first time it is washed. The strong fabric design gives the product the added support that allows it to last for long term use without falling apart. It is a dependable band that can keep up with your busy routine.

Lightweight and Comfortable Material

The Adidas Wristband is able to be worn for hours at a time without becoming too tight or constricting on the wrist. The cotton material that makes up most of the product is not rough and feels soft on the skin. Comfort is important for people who depend on the product daily and need to wear it for hours at a time. The size of the band is 4 inches in width and fits most wrists.

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The Adidas Interval Large Reversible Wristband has outstanding reviews and is a popular product on the market. It is reversible and has a nice design that looks great. The consumers who have purchased this product have had positive results with this item. The durability, comfort, and absorbance factors receive a high rating of 10. Each benefit stands up to the results and provides excellent absorption, strong durability, and complete comfort.

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In-Depth Look at the Adidas Interval Large Reversible Wristband
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In-Depth Look at the Adidas Interval Large Reversible Wristband
Which way will you wear your Adidas wristband? The Interval large wristband is reversible. Choose the color without losing quality.
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